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BIG IDEA CAA meets Paladin Press...on the web!
25 WORDS <= It's not about hacking, it's about
backing. Leak.com serves our
unquenchable infothirst by priming
the pump of would-be postindustrial
HARD SELL The end of the Cold War has only served to
heat up the infobattles fought among
private interests, providing a unique
opportunity for savvy personal agents to
profit from the hitherto unrealized
ambitions of corporate Aldrich Ameses.
Leak.com's insight is that the catch-up
game between security technologies and
security breaches can be circumvented
entirely by appealing to the secret
desire of multimedia Walter Mittys to
play cloak-and-dagger games for fun and
As start-ups grow too big to maintain
either dormitory-like domestic peace or
in-house cleaning schedules, so does the
likelihood that a dissatisfied Dilbert
will seek to boost both his ego and his
bankroll by forwarding an internal memo
to interested parties. The problem? Years
(or maybe just months) of 12-hour days
and a cloistered social life have
rendered the majority of mid-level tech
employees clueless when it comes to who
might be interested.
With Leak.com, a knowledgeable counselor -
for a percentage of the eventual profit -
will appraise potential clients' memos,
firm in the belief that the value of
information is relative: Even the most
mundane memoranda might be valuable to
the truly info-starved. And a truly
apoplectic announcement from a colorful
chief cheese? As the media scurries for
data crumbs, Leak.com is a better
mousetrap, presenting an annotated and
verifiable bit of hard copy.
OVERHEAD A simple PGP set-up page at leak.com will
help prospective squealers maintain
privacy. Many costs can be offset by
formulating development details for the
juiciest memos, capitalizing on the
entertainment industry's marginal but
constant interest in compelling
industrial espionage plots. Staffing is a
breeze: Experienced personnel could be
culled from either the ranks of
still-unemployed KGB agents or obviously
underemployed Well members.

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