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BIG IDEA SurfWatch meets the adult section of Tower
Video... on the web!
25 WORDS <= Using the same link-blocking principle as
SurfWatch, Schoolhouse Block improves the
signal-to-noise ratio for adults seeking
the web's real killer app.
HARD SELL Though mainstream media scare stories
present pornography as the tragic flaw of
an otherwise enlightening Internet, nudie
pictures are the closest thing to a
killer app at this point. Rheingold-reading
community-builders might not want
to admit it, but so-called adult
content draws web traffic as surely
as that curtained-off section of the
local video store made people start
wanting to stay home nights with the VCR.
Often though, consenting adults looking
for net naughtiness instead find
children's sites - or worse yet, a Barney
page, the digital era's equivalent of the
proverbial cold shower. Based on the same
site-blocking idea as kiddie-protecting
SurfWatch software, Schoolhouse Block
steers amorous adults away from anything
appropriate for children.
To begin a surfing session, users click
over to www.SchoolhouseBlock.com and
enter their password. The site then takes
a few minutes to automatically update the
downloadable (but not free) software as
it presents animated advertising.
Naturally, surfers can also adjust the
program's settings, which can block out
anything child-related (also very
valuable for shellshocked parents),
anything ending in .edu (for those sick
of college shenanigans), and even
everything nonpornographic.
OVERHEAD With low operating costs and few
significant start-up expenses,
Schoolhouse Block is a porn profiteer's
wet dream. The most expensive part of the
project is the actual code and the list
of naughty sites, which could probably be
purchased from SurfWatch at a decent
price. Children's sites really aren't
interested in attracting an adult
audience, let alone one trolling the net
for cheap thrills, so it shouldn't be
difficult to convince administrators to
label their pages off-limits to the
program. Adults and teens who find Sesame
Street and Barney amusing will be
recruited to search out kid-oriented
sites this effort may miss at a wage the
Count could barely quantify. A few banner
trades with adult-themed sites should
give Schoolhouse Block the necessary
promotional push.

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courtesy of
Dr. Dreidel