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BIG IDEA Internet service providers meet the
pyramid scheme... on the web!
25 WORDS <= Combining bandwidth reselling with a
proven franchisee model, ISP.COM allows
anyone to fulfill their
entrepreneurial .net dreams.
HARD SELL While newspapers are filled with stories
on America's new Internet millionaires,
many techno-illiterate Americans, unable
to compete in the sysadmin game, are
forced to watch from the sidelines. Now
ISP.COM allows anyone with a modem to get
a piece of the action by becoming an
Internet service provider. Our unique
franchisee system gives you all the tools
you need to set up, market and sell your
own little piece of the Internet. ISP.COM
uses a market-proven reselling paradigm,
allowing you to create your own
"bandwidth enterprise zone." Once
established, you're only a few clicks
away from an IPO!
Not sure how to market Internet access? No
problem. Here's how it works. Surf into
ISP.COM and sign up as a value-added
franchisee. If your mortgage is paid up,
we have an express sign-up program that
will start you selling today! Once you
receive your franchisee kit, complete
with custom sign-up disks, you're ready
to market the Internet to your friends
and family. Customer support? No problem.
You can sell to your heart's content,
secure in the fact that all your
customers can access the ISP.COM 800
support lines twenty-four hours a day.
It's so easy!
But wait, the profits have only begun to
pour in. Every time you sell a dial-up
account, you haven't just signed up a
customer, you've recruited a salesperson.
Because whenever they sell part of their
bandwidth, you get a percentage. That's
right. You're not only making money off
each of your customers, but off your
customer's customers. It's our patented
"three-sided marketing blueprint." Get
it? You sell two friends, and they sell
two friends, and so on, and so on...
OVERHEAD Let's face it, bandwidth reselling is the
bread and butter of today's ISPs. When
you buy that T1 from one of the big boys,
think you're really getting a full T1?
Think again. ISP.COM follows the same
model with individual access. The
company buys 28.8 dial-ups in bulk
from a large national ISP. Each
franchisee gets one or two dial-ups, and
they simply resell the user name and
password to more suckers. Two or more
people accessing the same account will
rarely be a problem - even if they were
to attempt to log in at the same time,
what are the chances they'll both get
through? The marketing materials are
rehashed Amway sales sheets, and sign-up
disk costs can be minimized by teaching
franchisees to overwrite AOL disks they
get with magazines. The pyramid scheme
reduces subscriber acquisition costs to
zero, since gullible franchisees are
essentially paying you to become your
salespeople. Luckily, established access
providers have already set the standard
for customer support. A single Centrex
line with voicemail will suffice. Busy
signals will discourage all but the most
adamant customers. If they get through
and leave a voicemail, franchisees can
ignore them, just like the real ISPs.

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courtesy of
Red Howard