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BIG IDEA Let your intelligent agent call her
intelligent agent... on the web!
25 WORDS <= The most exciting use of smart technology
since Star Wars, SpanishFirefly.com turns
your packets into heat-seeking missives
of love.
HARD SELL Swoon and Match webbify the listings of
love-seekers in the back of your latest
alternative weekly. But they stop short
of fully automating the process of
finding a smoochable and/or significant
other. Instead of laboriously reading all
those personals yourself, tediously using
Netscape's "Find" command to search
through long pages of attributes, or
constructing tortuous AltaVista queries,
SpanishFirefly.com will let your agent do
the walking.
Your intelligent agent, infinitely patient
as you fill out questionnaire after
questionnaire, learns more about you -
and about that special one you're looking
for - than any human being could ever be
bothered to. Then, your agent drifts out
to a sort of virtual singles bar to
cavort with similar electronic
Cupid-emissaries. After comparing notes,
and checking to see that the selected
vixen or hunk is of the appropriate
gender and sexual preference, your agent
can return with delectable detail... and
proffer the email address of your
as-yet-undiscovered other half, for a
OVERHEAD If Agents, Inc. can be brought into the
deal as an alliance partner, overall cost
is minimized: just strip away the part of
technologically similar Firefly that
recommends music and directly match
people to people. Indeed, most of the
matching could be done based on the
already-existing music/movie preferences,
as more "important" personal information -
political and religious views, along
with drug use and preferred sorts of
naughtiness - can probably be inferred
from musical taste. If the partnership
doesn't fly, the system will have to be
built from scratch. Quality depends on
having lots of agents who know a lot, so
such a system may have to be bootstrapped
into place with special "Ladies' Night"
deals. It may also have to be renamed to
avoid trademark infringement. Still, a
name that subtly suggests the technology
(perhaps "Superfly") could be selected.

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