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[Dead Air]
BIG IDEA A new kind of media company meets the
tailgating scene at a Grateful Dead
concert... on the web! (And eventually
everywhere else.)
25 WORDS <= Create a place on the net where
never-say-die Deadheads can go and fuel
economic growth without boring
non-tape-trading normals.
HARD SELL The dubious notion of community in
cyberspace sometimes seems to revolve
around Deadheads - those lovable
counterculture ragamuffins who have all
the time in the world to discuss almost
any topic even slightly related to their
favorite band. Unfortunately, they tend
to assume that everybody else actually
cares about such mullet-heavy minutiae,
leaving other discussion areas on the net
awash in messages with subject lines
like, "How Jerry would vote," and "Save a
tree for Bobby." Even more unfortunately,
nobody (except perhaps The Well) is
making any money from all of this
blather. Deadair Ventures would resolve
both of these problems with Deadair.com,
a community-based website that would give
these soiled masses a place where they
could hang out and shop for a wide
assortment of branded lifestyle
Just like the parking lot at a Dead show,
the site would be a marketplace where
heads can shop for souvenirs while
talking with like-minded layabouts - far
from the stern glare of more
aesthetically adventurous onlookers.
Revenue comes from selling marketplace
"booths" to those with psychedelic
T-shirts or cool-looking hash pipes to
unload. Despite its lack of content,
Deadair isn't just a dumping ground for
conversation - it's the flagship project
of a new kind of company that creates
"Dead Media for Dead People." Especially
sentimental musings would be compiled
into a series of books published by
Deadtrees Press. The Deadair community
would extend into the real world as the
amusement park Deadspace (Deadair
Ventures would negotiate with San
Francisco to simply fence off a portion
of the Haight-Ashbury area). If all goes
as planned, the site's server would even
be sent out on a summer tour.
OVERHEAD It would be damn dificult to find a
less-expensive way of separating people
from their money. Deadair.com can easily
become a reality on any server, and only
basic administrative skills are required to
keep it running. No content is needed,
since Deadheads are perfectly happy to
discuss that mind-blowing 1977 show for
hours, dude. Publicity is taken care of
by posting messages on Dead-oriented
bulletin boards - a task most board
administrators would be happy to help
with (if only to speed the siphoning off
of space-hogging lyric archives). Within
a year or so, the site will have enough
visibility to attract an audience to
Deadair Ventures projects like Deadtrees
and Deadspace.

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courtesy of
Dr. Dreidel