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[Suck Harder]
BIG IDEA The Paper Chase meets the Gong Show
network... on the Web!
25 WORDS <= Ride the repeat visit for all its worth,
filling a webzine with easy content by
picking up Suck cast-offs.
HARD SELL With only two empty slots to fill with
content daily, Suck takes it all and only
prints the best. Untold dozens of wannabe
Sucksters dash against the cruel shores
of editorial common-sense every day. But
half the excitement in a contest - be it
a boxing match or an editorial board
meeting - is watching the defeated sulk
off. With rejections kept private, Suck
is ignoring a huge profit center and
denying the masses a loser to laugh at.
While a bad movie will almost always make
it to Blockbuster's shelves, rejected
Sucks simply disappear. Until now.
Suck Harder is the website for everyone
who wishes he or she could Suck,
indiscriminately printing any article
rejected by cooler heads. While the
quality may not be as high as other daily
sites, the content-hungry masses will
almost inevitably stop by simply to see
what didn't make the grade. Remember: ad
hits are ad hits!
OVERHEAD A directory on an existing site, crude
server administration skills, and the
Apache man page get Suck Harder off the
ground in an afternoon. A small Perl
script functions as "Editor," laying out
articles and inserting images. HTML
design is easily stolen from existing
sources, the out-dated style referred to
as "classic" to avoid the cost and time
required to learn Java and design
original graphics. Authors are unpaid -
hey, they Suck - to keep operating costs
negligible. The inevitable, obligatory
mention in Suck provides enormous free
publicity to complete the picture.

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courtesy of
An Entirely Other Greg