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BIG IDEA The Spot meets Bad Boys on a prison
network... on the Web!
25 WORDS <= Realprison.com - the "true" story of seven
computer-literate youth offenders put
together in prison, and what happens when
they stop "frontin'" and start
HARD SELL Have you ever wondered what goes on in our
prisons? If so, would you spend hours a
day watching it? Does the "seamy, violent
side of the web" sound appealing?
Thought so. With the blinding success of
thespot.com and MTV's The Real World,
it's amazing that no one's combined The
Real World's handycam footage and captive
subjects with a more cost-effective
environment. Enter realprison.com (deal
pending with MTV for season six
fulfillment). Here, the characters really
have nothing to lose - except that
all-important book tour at the end of
their turn in the joint, or the proceeds
they might earn hosting MTV variety
Tune in several times a day to correspond
with your fave inmates! Drop into the
shower room CU-SeeMe site for a quick
peep - or watch yesterday's security cam
footage of the cafeteria battle between
San Quentin's vast cast of Puck-alikes.
Unlike previous RW or Spot casts,
realprison.com substitutes gritty,
hardcore reality for contrived and
hyper-mundane dating and hygiene
scenarios. Altercations much like those
between David and Tami can be virtually
guaranteed, albeit same-sex. For a
well-rounded mix, we'd advise
strategically selecting inmates likely to
be paroled, receive a stay of execution,
plan and implement an escape, or be found
unjustly incarcerated.
OVERHEAD Already-established security cams and a
"free" set of characters make this a real
winner, dollar-wise. Production and
editing will easily be the bulk of the
costs, with daily snippets of engaging
video, inmate's diaries, and live chat
providing a daily content hit - but these
will be performed by other inmates who
will be learning a valuable, marketable
skill - HTML. It's better than making
license plates.
A busload of potential sponsors will be
waiting - gun companies, cleaning
products, prophylactics, and the
all-important liquor and tobacco folks.
Furlough events can be planned to take
advantage of possible sponsor partners,
while creating great opportunities for
high-profile public appearances of the
star inmates.

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