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[Sit and Spin]
BIG IDEA Starbucks meets Whirlpool over a LAN
...on the Web!
25 WORDS <= Net access narrowcasted at those with
spare time, spare change, and critical
boredom - the lonesome losers at the
HARD SELL The whole cybercafe concept was
half-roasted. The goal seemed plausible -
pinpoint the ostensible ground-zero of
caffeine culture, solder in a dozen
terminals, and watch the community and
commerce flourish. The fatal flaw lay in
the crippling reality that the
pseudo-boho latte-sippers' first priority
was to look cool, not to make a flagrant
public statement of how far they'd fallen
into geek debasement. Thus, the
brown-stained Apple keyboards went
unused, and a nation full of auspicious
new cafe ventures stayed barren and
became money pits for service industry
visionaries. Sit and Spin Co. is a
radical divergence from this sort of
conceptual quicksand, coming clean with a
cotton-sturdy positioning plan guaranteed
to rinse the discretionary income from
even the most threadbare socialites.
Sit and Spin Co. doesn't toss the day-old
coffee out the window, it just pours it
into a more accommodating kettle: the
laundromat. Featuring a classically
media-friendly environment and a climate
demanding of both time and quarters, Sit
and Spin's customers are virtually
cornered into submission. An average
dry-cycle alone is time enough for
listless clock-watchers to log on, break
the ice with nearby key-tappers, and even
punch up a possible romance! For a group
of consumers conditioned to accept the
limited choices afforded by crank-shafted
detergent dispensers, the options the Web
provides will almost seem liberating. And
with Sit and Spin's integrated WashAlert
technology, customers can keep track of
their colors, whites, and spin cycles
with awesomely egregious precision. Your
24-7 connection to fluff awaits!
OVERHEAD Pilot locations in Portland, Seattle, San
Francisco, Austin, and Bogot´ can be
built around existing laundromats.
Initial investment in coffee and computer
technologies could be extremely low
(especially in Bogota) - cheap
coffee/hot-cocoa/chicken-soup dispensers
and Mac Pluses should suffice. For the
flagship stations, automated Frappuccino
rigs (such as those commonly found at
movie theater concession stands) and
386s would be ideal. Security guards
could be given crash courses in basic
network administration skills for a
smooth, publicity-friendly rollout, and a
warm reception from the soiled masses.

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