for 28 May 1996. Updated every TUESDAY.

BIG IDEA The Salvation Army meets Newt's laptop
...on the Web!
25 WORDS <= Your home page away from home...
bridging the class gap with the new
mother tongue of humanity - HTML!
HARD SELL The net is an ivory sea of middle-class
liberals. In with the tide comes the
guilt, and where there's guilt, there's
commerce. As Nation articles expose
the miseries of undercompensated janitors
in Silicon Valley, the tension of the
techno-elite escalates. Release is afforded
via a tiered Web-based appeal for charity
that complements one's consumerist
tendencies as much as one's munificence.
To that end, charity.com acts as the
humanitarian surfer's tool, while
disadvantaged.org is an aggressive
education and individual-action resource
custom-tailored for the less fortunate.
Akin to the Working Assets Visa or the
Ben & Jerry's Peace Pop, charity.com
operates on the piggyback philanthropy
principle - through an individualized
charity.com account, all Internet purchases
are rounded up to the nearest dollar and
divided amongst the net.consumer's wards.
The process by which the altruistic surfer
finds candidates to sponsor turns the
classic panhandling paradigm on its head:
disadvantaged.org clients receive a
generous supply of charity.com/
disadvantaged.org (C/D) badges stamped
with their account ID, which they can offer
to potential Samaritans. As the altruistic
sponsor shops, the ward's fortune tops
when rounded pennies accumulate into
valuable credit applied toward access time
for the disadvantaged.org client at local
OVERHEAD Purchase of charity.com domain name and
registration of disadvantaged.org. Pilot
studies in Palo Alto, Redmond, and
Cambridge will suggest corporate partners
amenable to high-profile PR therapy, and
identify local shelters, public libraries,
and Internet cafes with which to make
cooperative arrangements. Staffing needs
will include charity.com strategic
partnership associates and
disadvantaged.org e-counselors, although
positions can be filled by independent
contractors working on a percentage-fee
basis. The geographic diversity of
disadvantaged.org clientele will
necessitate hub offices in most major
metropolitan areas, although the relative
mobility of those being served and the
virtual nature of the service should make
one office per broad geographic region
more than sufficient. Day-to-day
coordination between central and satellite
offices suggests the need for a private
charity.com jet.

courtesy of
The Duke of URL