for 14 May 1996. Updated every TUESDAY.

BIG IDEA Inside Edition meets ER
... on the Web!
25 WORDS <= 200,000 people die every day -
some of them are bound to be
famous... Celebrity Death is your
24-7 bedside window to tragedy.
HARD SELL When a treasured performer or
public figure confronts death, the
pain is shared deeply by an extended
network of friends and strangers.
Hungry for a forum to examine the
loss, we find ourselves drawn to TV
and magazine profiles to help us
understand the existential crisis
death presents. With the network
capabilities of the Internet and
affordable digital camera technology,
celebritydeath.com dedicates itself
to facilitating this process.
And because of the conspicuous
sponsorship opportunities, no cost
need be levied on the viewer!
Insurance and health organizations
will find, in Celebrity Death, a solid
opportunity to communicate to a
receptive audience. Health care
facilities can be expected to take
advantage of Co-op Placing, in which
examples of facility and staff excellence
are highlighted over the course of the
programming. In addition, due to the
often-laborious duration of the
broadcasts, gaps perfectly suited for
commercial commentary invite
participation. Rallying slogans can
include "Celebrate healthy loss with
CelebrityDeath!" and "The Last Limit."
OVERHEAD A renewed participant queue should
be pursued vigorously and
continuously, requiring a commitment
to skilled negotiators and Celebrity
Death scouts. Because of the intensity
of the scenes presented, the ultra-minimal
production values of a cheap, CU-SeeMe
network is not only acceptable, but
appropriate. By 2.0 full-color coverage
will be possible, with relevant celeb
pre-deathbed interviews and "expert"
segments, in addition to the prerequisite
filming of medical monitoring equipment.
Secure online cash transactions make
possible further audience involvement
with Celebrity Death pools.

courtesy of
The Duke of URL