for 7 May 1996. Updated every TUESDAY.

BIG IDEA Mountain Dew-style celebrity
endorsements meet the Anti-Mall
... on the Web.
25 WORDS <= Redefining the concept of people
as walking advertisements ...
paid citizens instead of paid
celebrity endorsements.
HARD SELL Celebrity endorsements work -
they're a permanent feature not
only in magazines, TV, and films,
but grace the sides of buses and
buildings. The reason is as simple
as it is natural: consumerism is
one's social self at play. At a
price. Sports and entertainment
celebrities are not only costly to
promote and maintain, they're also
more distant, and thus exert a less
powerful influence, than one's friends
and family members. Brandme.com
has a vision of community (or clique)
leaders joining in the great human
dialog of the marketplace.

Brandme "associates" will be
generously compensated with
promotional merchandise, for
sophisticatedly cultivating a
preferred wardrobe and personal
grooming habits. By harnessing
the power of the Web to create a
vast, voluntary database of interested
participants, brand managers can
efficiently select and accessorize a
pool of associates. Using methods
ranging from temporary body tattoos
to precision-shaved heads, the
concept of brand promotion transcends
itself once again. Engineering
word-of-mouth is no longer a pipe
dream! Make your message hit the
OVERHEAD Medium. Interface implementation
is non-trivial but relatively
straightforward. Automated candidate
analysis will require a robust
database backend, although a pool of
temp agency-supplied case analysts
can be used until 2.0. The youth
demographic is probably the most
"impressionable," through the use of
negmarketing, macrocasting, and
Brandme itself.

courtesy of
The Duke of URL