for 30 April 1996. Updated every TUESDAY.

BIG IDEA Hackers meets The Player ... on
the Web.
25 WORDS <= Ideas too stupid to fail ...
conceptual content in lieu of
actual content.
HARD SELL "We've seen the future, and it's a
lemon." For wily entrepeneurs in
the new digital economy, the power
of prophecy is a must-have career
skill. Thankfully, it's never been
easier to gaze into the future of a
medium. The simplest, yet most
reliable, formula is to appraise
traditional media and sift the most
elegantly banal cliches and
gimmicks, isolate those requiring
the least effort, and rush to work on
a press release.

The flux of the information economy
is best served by a frugal
waste-not-want-not mentality. A
deceptive veneer of novelty is
achieved by smothering already-tired
concepts with value-added new media
legitimacy. There's no use getting
indignant over shysterism when
there's so much money to be made. Or,
as the saying goes - when life gives
you lemons, make lemonade.
OVERHEAD Low. Vaporware trends can be gleaned
from trade mags and properly
bastardized and exploited. Whoppers
overheard at HotWired and South Park
cafés combined with braindumps
inspired by NYT, Variety, Billboard,
and Nicholas Negroponte round out the

courtesy of
The Duke of URL