Jun 2001

7 Jun 2001

6.7.01: Eternal returns

  May 2001

31 May 2001

05.31.01: Learning from Jerry, burning for Pearl, spurning Britannica.com

24 May 2001

05.24.01: Kaycee's second death, Kurtz's double diss, and Suck on the ropes

17 May 2001

05.17.01: From freeware to freework

10 May 2001

05.10.01: Mom, The Law, And Air Apple Pie

3 May 2001

05.3.01: Michael Tchong picks a fight with Suck, and more

  Apr 2001

26 Apr 2001

04.26.01: Jabbed, NABbed, and Blabbed

19 Apr 2001

04.19.01: Bad teachers, bad nuns, bad animals, and bad monkeys

12 Apr 2001

04.12.01: The death of the web, continued: A brief history

5 Apr 2001

04.5.01: Babs battles on, campaign reform is a gas, UK footballers hit hard, fast and often

  Mar 2001

29 Mar 2001

03.29.01: The Day the Clown Died: Bozo gets canceled, viral pals Back the web, OS X marks the spot, and more

22 Mar 2001

03.22.01: Dotcoms still feeling woozy, pups pound Palestinians, we get ripped

15 Mar 2001

03.15.01: Martin Lawrence gets digitized, Wham-O! gets funky, and the banner yet waves

8 Mar 2001

03.8.01: Web geniuses are like buses, Brendan is like butter, we find a bride for the Peter Pan guy, and more

1 Mar 2001

03.1.01: Spies, Drug Lords, Trade Show Schnooks, and more

  Feb 2001

22 Feb 2001

02.22.01: A real-life Barney Fife gets his man, Creationists catch the genome, Grammys go Native, and more

15 Feb 2001

02.15.01: The N Word just pops out, Naked News jobs pop up, McVeigh fouls out, and dateless wonders bounce back

8 Feb 2001

02.8.01: Shakespeare in turnaround, Chynese war on

1 Feb 2001

02.1.01: Atheism, Advocates, Agony, and more

  Jan 2001

25 Jan 2001

01.25.01: Jandek off the charts, love children in da house, Englishmen in the grave, and more

18 Jan 2001

01.18.01: The imploding of the American mind

11 Jan 2001

01.11.01: The Hate Trick, or You Can Touch It With a Ten-Foot Pole

4 Jan 2001

01.4.01: Mummers mumming, job applicants hunting and evil Santas shooting

  Dec 2000

21 Dec 2000

12.21.00: The bad news, the worse news, and the ugly news

14 Dec 2000

12.14.00: Unpardonable offenses, reeking rumors and the Sucksters' clean keesters

7 Dec 2000

12.7.00: New Yorker duped again, talking heads keep coming, and more

  Nov 2000

30 Nov 2000

11.30.00: Candidates fly the coup, boy geniuses look for love, domains get down, Denby dumbs up, and more

16 Nov 2000

11.16.00: Saturday Night Undead, It's Pat!, Vanity of vanities, and more

9 Nov 2000

11.9.00: George W. Booze, rich Senators, and dead Senators

2 Nov 2000

11.2.00: The poop on PS2, animal rights, Joe's dong, and more

  Oct 2000

12 Oct 2000

10.12.00: Going off-Linux, new Insights, and more

5 Oct 2000

10.5.00: Going off-Linux, new Insights, and more

  Sep 2000

28 Sep 2000

9.28.00: Cops on the DL, TiVo in the house, the Times on the lookout, and more

21 Sep 2000

09.21.00: Saddam speaks, Hollywood's finest go into exile, critics criticize, and eBay says YES! to Suck.

14 Sep 2000

9.14.00: "In the beginning was the word, and the..."

7 Sep 2000

9.7.00: The Single-Daughter Theory: A Suck special report

  Aug 2000

31 Aug 2000

8.31.00: "For a medium jointly ruled by one-click shopping..."

24 Aug 2000

CCXLI: Back that Thang Up! Al Gore III Busted, The Season's Hottest Baby Names and/or Magazine Titles, and More!

17 Aug 2000

CCXL: X-Games! From Down Syndrome to Street Luge in 20 seconds

10 Aug 2000

CCXXXIX: Return of the Vacuum Tube: Suck Breaks One-Week Silence on RNC, Macaulay Culkin, and More!

3 Aug 2000

CCXXXVIII: Petulant prolixity, good dogs, illegal downloads, revisited riots, and more

  Jul 2000

27 Jul 2000

CCXXXVII: "Martin Lawrence spent part of last summer in..."

13 Jul 2000

CCXXXVI: Immortality postponed, Founding Fathers dissed, real estate follies, and more

6 Jul 2000

CCXXXV: Walter's mission, Williams's d'Ascoynes, Gates's gate, and more

  Jun 2000

29 Jun 2000

CCXXXIV: Naughton on crime, street people on the genome, Suck on football, and more

22 Jun 2000

CCXXXIII: Extreme video, Suck chickens out, and big body counts

15 Jun 2000

CCXXXII: Airlinez in Orbit, DNA dealerships, Super Mario Warriors, and more

8 Jun 2000

CCXXXI: Amazon's Ms. Big speaks to Suck, Elvis's cook enters into Heaven, Dungeonmasters go open kimono, and more

1 Jun 2000

CCXXX: We're ready for our closeups

  May 2000

25 May 2000

CCXXIX: Mugs, thugs and plugs

18 May 2000

CCXXVIII: Papal bull, gun-toting moms, evil coaches, stupid fact checkers, and more!

11 May 2000

CCXXVII: Black chicks do Hollywood, the UN does nothing, our Love Bug report, and a South-of-the-Border greeting

4 May 2000

CCXXVI: Jesus lives, Hercules dies, hacktors strike, and more

  Apr 2000

27 Apr 2000

CCXXV: Travolta signs on the dotted line, Lars Ulrich gets paid, Lucianne Goldberg wipes Suck.com off her shoe

20 Apr 2000

CCXXIV: Burst bubbles, movie news, web studs, and crazy Iranians

13 Apr 2000

CCXXIII: "Alexander Pay n e , t h e..."

6 Apr 2000

CCXXII: Near death, near comedy, and near misses

  Mar 2000

30 Mar 2000

CCXXI: Ass jokes, dick jokes, and Uranus

23 Mar 2000

CCXX: Celebrity meat, feckless Rap, and more

16 Mar 2000

CCXIX: Jet setter falls, Dole shills, vendors get Ralled, and the pope gets rolled

9 Mar 2000

CCXVIII: Elephant poop, libertarian scoop, Southerners duped, and the Meathead's endless loop

2 Mar 2000

CCXVII: "Grapevin e , C B S ' s..."

  Feb 2000

24 Feb 2000

CCXVI: "Republican primary in which m o s t..."

17 Feb 2000

CCXV: Spoof artist talks, Windows 2000 balks, Web lovebird walks

10 Feb 2000

CCXIV: Rants, raves, and 'funny' headlines

3 Feb 2000

CCXIII: Toilet reading goes down the drain, Superbowl goes kerblooey, and more

  Jan 2000

27 Jan 2000

CCXII: Cat juggling, Barbra boxing, death defying, and more

20 Jan 2000

CCXI: Artificial life forms, past-their-prime musical geniuses, and Garth Brooks

13 Jan 2000

CCX: "Jerry Levin wound up on to p ,..."

6 Jan 2000

CCIX: Kenny's G spot, France falling, and hate mail we like

  Dec 1999

23 Dec 1999

CCVIII: Laugh until you cough with Brown & Williamson, sing along with the Cartwrights, and more

16 Dec 1999

CCVII: Christmas jeers, retch-a-sketch, and digital division

9 Dec 1999


2 Dec 1999

CCV: The Great Web Whitewash, mall TV, Mother Love's crash diet, and more

  Nov 1999

18 Nov 1999

CCIV: The Great Unread, Oski's accessories, game show madness, and Comdex doldrums

11 Nov 1999

CCIII: Cheaters never prosper, Shatner never dies, and Sweetness never stops winning

4 Nov 1999

CCII: Religious strife, dateless wonders, dirty dogs, and more

  Oct 1999

28 Oct 1999

CCI: Media shmedia, we're here for our shareholders!

21 Oct 1999

CC: Raving chess masters, soft-money hardbodies, and Potter rotters

14 Oct 1999

CXCIX: What's up? Who's down? Why worry?

7 Oct 1999

CXCVIII: Kids 'n' kredit, priceless Jewell, and dog slobber

  Sep 1999

30 Sep 1999

CXCVII: Hip-hop rocks, Paytrust paydirt, and more

23 Sep 1999

CXCVI: Purdy goes ironic, we stick up for Jerry, and life is a movie

16 Sep 1999

CXCV: "Film Board's meg a - h i t..."

9 Sep 1999

CXCIV: "Philadelphia, the de f a c t o..."

  Aug 1999

26 Aug 1999

CXCIII: Blair Witch backlash, hamster spikes, Brady bull, and more

19 Aug 1999

CXCII: Indian Wars, Useless Aid, Lost Mail, and Killer Tomatoes

12 Aug 1999

CXCI: Exhuming the Exonicle, reviving Nixon, restraining Dave Matthews fans

5 Aug 1999

CXC: "As the subtext of Mar k O ."

  Jul 1999

29 Jul 1999

CLXXXIX: Woodstock burns, Hooters bounces, AOL salutes

22 Jul 1999

CLXXXVIII: John-John in the drink, New Kids in the house, black and white on the desktop, and more

15 Jul 1999

CLXXXVII: A comedy how-to, an Oprah zine, a tough ticket, a stoned spider, and a cheap education

8 Jul 1999

CLXXXVI: Doggie Lojack, lethal flags, harsh realms, and other bad ideas

1 Jul 1999

CLXXXV: Internet delusions, talking pets, killer tuna, plastic army men and other fakes in the news

  Jun 1999

24 Jun 1999

CLXXXIV: All bad news, all the time

17 Jun 1999

CLXXXIII: The Dead speak to Suck, journalism is dead on the Web, Ron Rosenbaum kills poseurs dead

10 Jun 1999

CLXXXII: More violent reactions, more Net news, more millions made, more shameless shills

3 Jun 1999

CLXXXI: Killer webmasters, killer campaigns, killer music, and killer bees

  May 1999

27 May 1999

CLXXX: Off-road proms, unpopular aliens, unbowed activists, and outlaw cops

20 May 1999

CLXXIX: Off-road proms, unpopular aliens, unbowed activists, and outlaw cops

13 May 1999

CLXXVIII: Kurt Andersen plugged, X-ray glasses on your mug, AOLTV is the drug

6 May 1999

CLXXVII: Teen wars, spiked coffee, targeting Rosie, and well-hung Webmasters

  Apr 1999

29 Apr 1999

CLXXVI: "Maybe Netizens hav e s o m e..."

22 Apr 1999

CLXXV: High school tragedy, TV-Free America, and Dilbert's lawyers

15 Apr 1999

CLXXIV: Larry Ellison's elaborate practical joke, Johnny Hart's crabbed fundamentalism, and Suck's Enemies List

8 Apr 1999

CLXXIII: Larry Ellison's elaborate practical joke, Johnny Hart's crabbed fundamentalism, and Suck's Enemies List

1 Apr 1999

CLXXII: 'Honk Your Horn to Stop the Porn' and other modern travesties

  Mar 1999

25 Mar 1999

CLXXI: Jerry Rubin 2.0, feeling The Independent Spirit, and the death of rock criticism

18 Mar 1999

CLXX: Fall of the death cultists, talking sandwich fisticuffs, and election 2000 Web hi-jinks

11 Mar 1999

CLXIX: More Amazon feedback, post-Ritalin cures for ADD, and Kubrick's posthumous legacy

4 Mar 1999

CLXVIII: eBay's Achilles' heel, appleimac.com, Ebert's new partner, and the long arm of Suck

  Feb 1999

25 Feb 1999

CLXVII: Purple Moon's waxing and waning, Generation X poetry, and pregnant fellas

18 Feb 1999

CLXVI: Amazon.com goes Usenet, The Nation columnists wrastle, Clinton struggles for world peace, and Slate takes a price cut

11 Feb 1999

CLXV: Ron Jeremy stages the Starr Report, Broadway stages Charles Schulz, and Barry Diller stages a takeover

4 Feb 1999

CLXIV: Former child star sightings, the House of Satan, and Super Bowl Fiascoes

  Jan 1999

28 Jan 1999

CLXIII: A date with Larry Ellison, Apple's Y2K bug, and Roger Ebert on labor

21 Jan 1999

CLXII: Sacred trinkets, butt cams, Nordic genes, and Republican rejoinders

14 Jan 1999

CLXI: A Simple Song of Peace, Men of Steel Balls, Civil War Porn, and Drudge's folly

7 Jan 1999

CLX: Fat acceptance workshops, lethal hairbrushes, Ramadan greeting cards and other holiday gifts

  Dec 1998

17 Dec 1998

CLIX: Grading teachers, downgrading Oprah, parading luckless youth, and evading bizarre spam

10 Dec 1998

CLVIII: Without The New Yorker, The Times, and Salon, the world would be desolate and unfunny

3 Dec 1998

CLVII: What 7th Heaven, the Unknown Comic, Time magazine and Ira Glass have in common

  Nov 1998

19 Nov 1998

CLVI: "The Da y o f t h e..."

12 Nov 1998

CLV: "Jimmy Carter and George Bu s h ,..."

5 Nov 1998

CLIV: "Ventura's surprise pile-dr i v i n g..."

  Oct 1998

29 Oct 1998

CLIII: "The New Yor k e r ' s..."

8 Oct 1998

CLII: Global recessions, local depressions, and tawdry confessions

1 Oct 1998

CLI: "This week's announcem e n t b y..."

  Sep 1998

24 Sep 1998

CL: "World Service radio broadc a s t s..."

17 Sep 1998

CXLIX: "House's secret-sp i l l i n g..."

10 Sep 1998

CXLVIII: "The Toron t o S t a r..."

3 Sep 1998

CXLVII: "Yeltsin-Clinton summit th e ' W h y..."

  Aug 1998

27 Aug 1998

CXLVI: "Drudge's greatest triump h h a v e..."

20 Aug 1998

CXLV: "Clinton. We were counting on o n e..."

13 Aug 1998


6 Aug 1998

CXLIII: "America, there's not much m o r e..."

  Jul 1998

30 Jul 1998


23 Jul 1998

CXLI: "Francisco. But don ' t g e t..."

16 Jul 1998

CXL: "Diane and Mike are the virgin a l..."

9 Jul 1998

CXXXIX: "Roy Rogers fo r a f e w..."

2 Jul 1998


  Jun 1998

25 Jun 1998

CXXXVII: "Right on all counts , b u t..."

18 Jun 1998

CXXXVI: "Co n t e n t a s..."

11 Jun 1998

CXXXV: "Thailand, Samart Phakphu m , t h e..."

4 Jun 1998

CXXXIV: "Lewinsky family, af t e r a n..."

  May 1998

28 May 1998

CXXXIII: DC crack-smokers, Indonesian flame wars, erotic amputation, and Chex Quest

21 May 1998

CXXXII: Microsoft's 'little joke,' fading teen idolhood, Zap's money and The Nuge's mea

14 May 1998

CXXXI: The pride of The New Republic, Libby Dole's pole vault, and Jerry Springer 2.0

7 May 1998

CXXX: Barnyard Special: Washington weasels, two-headed pigs, laughing rats, and media octopi

  Apr 1998

30 Apr 1998

CXXIX: Dwarves, Disney, dreams, drones and dreck

23 Apr 1998

CXXVIII: Hit Men, Newton Boys, Seinfeld, Superman, and Iran

16 Apr 1998

CXXVII: Seinfeld's new job, Amelio's old job, Michael's slob job, and 60 Minute's snow job

9 Apr 1998

CXXVI: South Park PR, Titanic II, and CitySearch

2 Apr 1998

CXXV: Kids Who Kill, lifestyles primers, Salomon sexcapades, and Suck.com in the house!

  Mar 1998

26 Mar 1998

CXXIV: Titanic's wet dream, Jack Stanton, Bill Clinton, and a bottle of Pepcid

19 Mar 1998

CXXIII: Cadaver Chic, Gates' new bludgeon, and TechnoAmway

12 Mar 1998

CXXII: "Continuing the brave m a r c h..."

5 Mar 1998

CXXI: Copyrighting crime, Jim Rose on People's Court, and corporate logo tattoos

  Feb 1998

26 Feb 1998

CXX: Big Blue tumors, CBS blunders, and the friction-free future

19 Feb 1998

CXIX: Filtering ads, porn, and C-SPAN

12 Feb 1998

CXVIII: Six Degrees of Monica, gaydar, and the Psychic Friends

5 Feb 1998

CXVII: Death of Spy, the birth of Persian Kitty, and the value of words

  Jan 1998

29 Jan 1998

CXVI: Monicas we have known and loved, NASA, and Variety's 'slanguage.'

22 Jan 1998

CXV: Oprah has a cow, Texas arms its parish, and Sundance smells the Love

15 Jan 1998

CXIV: Time, the Times, J. Peterman, and suicide

8 Jan 1998

CXIII: Copy-cat killer trees, priapism, eyepopping punishment

  Dec 1997

18 Dec 1997

CXII: Ads in ATMs. Ads in toilets. ATMs in toilets?

11 Dec 1997

CXI: Pop-Up imbroglios and fruitless browsing

4 Dec 1997

CX: Sex, death, and bad breath

  Nov 1997

20 Nov 1997

CIX: What are you waiting for? Buy the Suck book

13 Nov 1997

CVIII: "It wouldn't be a clich&eacu t e ;..."

6 Nov 1997

CVII: Greed, greed, and more greed: money and news in the news

  Oct 1997

30 Oct 1997

CVI: Frank Sinatra is not dead - this and more breaking news

23 Oct 1997

CV: Decoding Spy and daring Signal to Noise

16 Oct 1997

CIV: Breaking Egg, being Frank: magazine launches

9 Oct 1997

CIII: The first $1.2 million is the easiest, and other net.truths

2 Oct 1997

CII: A Marv Albert - Billy Graham - Catholic League threesome

  Sep 1997

25 Sep 1997

CI: The more things change, the more they get the same

18 Sep 1997

C: Suck is sorry in Hit and Run

11 Sep 1997

XCIX: Below the Beltway: Hit and Run's Washington edition

4 Sep 1997

One: "We've been running (or re-running) this collection..."

  Aug 1997

28 Aug 1997

XCVIII: You ought not to be in pictures: Quentin Tarantino and tobacco

21 Aug 1997

XCVII: Have you believed it? Spinning tales about Mr. K, Special K, and OK

14 Aug 1997

XCVI: You know - for kids! Feeling good about feeling good and other media news

7 Aug 1997

XCV: The passing of windbags: Burroughs, Beavis and Butt-head, RIP

  Jul 1997

31 Jul 1997

XCIV: Just Sein No: The New York Review of Books and Limbaugh's better half give us reason to abstain

24 Jul 1997

XCIII: Skin and bones: Miss America and fishing fallout make the news

17 Jul 1997

XCII: Media missteps and infotainment ironies

10 Jul 1997

XCI: A bad case of Nerve and a bad rap: Media mogulese

  Jun 1997

26 Jun 1997

XC: All the news that's fit to crib

19 Jun 1997

LXXXIX: Tiger chases his own tail and Wired licks it: Media malaprops

12 Jun 1997

LXXXVIII: Seeing Double: Kotex.com and other imitators

5 Jun 1997

LXXXVII: Selling out and making a killing

  May 1997

29 May 1997

LXXXVI: The year's most inriguing people! The 10 hotestmutual funds! Wat your doctor isn't telling you about HMOs!

22 May 1997

LXXXV: WB goes after whitey, crack (story) is whack

15 May 1997

LXXXIV: All the Presidents' mein, and who's leading the way

8 May 1997

LXXXIII: The high proce of giving, kicking back

1 May 1997

LXXXII: Border (tag) disputes at Zine2000, the Republic of Texas

  Apr 1997

24 Apr 1997

LXXXI: Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Cig settlements and burning newspapers

17 Apr 1997

LXXX: Sex, violence, and oh yeah, crack: What passes for news in Hit and Run

10 Apr 1997

LXXIX: Fiona Giles' Dick for a Day, Bob Guccione is just a dick - media porn in Hit and Run

3 Apr 1997

LXXVIII: Death and hacks: Higher Source: The movies, The Official Alien Abuductee's Handboo, and April Fish

  Mar 1997

27 Mar 1997

LXXVII: Making a mountain out of a Sno-Ball and Dr. Kevorkian making a killing in the art market

20 Mar 1997

LXXVI: Media prophylactics

13 Mar 1997

LXXV: NASA hacked and crime stats whacked in Hit and Run

6 Mar 1997

LXXIV: Get 'em while they're haute: Couture castoffs, Eszterhas epigrams, and fanzines for fawners

  Feb 1997

27 Feb 1997

LXXIII: Cloning around and making ba(n)d investments - media bites back

20 Feb 1997

LXXII: Meet the Virtual Manager!

13 Feb 1997

LXXI: Passing off masturbation as self-examination

6 Feb 1997

LXX: Allegra Coleman proves that fiction is stranger than fiction

  Jan 1997

30 Jan 1997

LXIX: Taking stocks to the streets, Superbowl-ed over

23 Jan 1997

LXVIII: The People vs. Hoary Print: Hit and Run smacks at The Economist and The Wall Street Journal

16 Jan 1997

LXVII: Making money on the web: Don't charge, sue! Slate, GeekGirl(s) and more

9 Jan 1997

LXVI: A year-end crash

  Dec 1996

19 Dec 1996

LXV: "What with the headach e s o f..."

12 Dec 1996

LXIV: "Ever since Texas passed its l a w..."

5 Dec 1996

LXIII: "How many times can the Apocalyp s e..."

  Nov 1996

28 Nov 1996

LXII: "With the merciful passage of t h e..."

21 Nov 1996

LXI: "While advertising incanta t i o n s..."

14 Nov 1996

LX: "With his wax-museum 'good loo k s '..."

7 Nov 1996

LIX: "Ah, those hazy days of yor e ,..."

  Oct 1996

31 Oct 1996

LVIII: "When TV viewers lost interes t i n..."

24 Oct 1996

LVII: "New York's American Museum of t h e..."

17 Oct 1996

LVI: "Snapple may have taken a bath i n..."

10 Oct 1996

LV: "Rock 'n' roll was sell i n g..."

3 Oct 1996

LIV: "The web is a powerful solvent, t o..."

  Sep 1996

26 Sep 1996

LIII: "The problem with computers , y o u..."

19 Sep 1996

LII: "The Oscars? Mel Gibson won seve n !..."

12 Sep 1996

LI: "Here's a newsflash that fill s u s..."

5 Sep 1996

L: "But in order to get po l e..."

  Aug 1996

29 Aug 1996

XLIX: "John Williams's departur e f r o m..."

22 Aug 1996

XLVIII: "Those of us who keep Fa s t..."

15 Aug 1996

XLVII: "Amid all the hoop l a o f..."

8 Aug 1996

XLVI: "Every office has a coupl e o f..."

1 Aug 1996

XLV: "Fresh in their new corporasphe r e ,..."

  Jul 1996

25 Jul 1996

XLIV: "What's in a name? Legal threa t s..."

18 Jul 1996

XLIII: "In the mess of mega-me d i a..."

11 Jul 1996

XLII: "What's it take to get a littl e..."

4 Jul 1996

XLI: "Tragicomedy: it's not onl y o u r..."

  Jun 1996

27 Jun 1996

XL: "There are those that c a l l..."

20 Jun 1996

XXXIX: "It's 10 A.M. and you're perch e d..."

13 Jun 1996

XXXVIII: "It's an inescapable fact t h a t..."

6 Jun 1996

XXXVII: "It's hard to forge a successf u l..."

  May 1996

30 May 1996

XXXVI: "It's difficult for us to disli k e..."

23 May 1996

XXXV: "Rats to Katz: On the Web, ther e..."

16 May 1996

XXXIV: "Our New Yorker arrived late , s o..."

9 May 1996

XXXIII: "Faithful readers of Suck wil l n o..."

2 May 1996

XXXII: "We hope Colors's disavow a l o f..."

  Apr 1996

25 Apr 1996

XXXI: "Yahoo dropped the soap. In t h e..."

18 Apr 1996

XXX: "Flip channels in the l a t e..."

11 Apr 1996

XXIX: "Ray Magliozzi 'Car Talk' gu y s ,..."

4 Apr 1996

XXVIII: "Old media reporters must rea l l y..."

  Mar 1996

28 Mar 1996

XXVII: Cool as Hell-vetica! More sites that are serif-fic!

21 Mar 1996

XXVI: "Right To Regulate The Intern e t '..."

14 Mar 1996

XXV: "Whatever happened to the Fire f l y..."

7 Mar 1996

XXIV: In cyberspace, no one can hear you cream

  Feb 1996

29 Feb 1996

XXIII: Ellison's Goad news, live, from megacorp.com

22 Feb 1996

XXII: Sticking it to Angelique, Cheryl, and Jackie, in the Bronx

15 Feb 1996

XXI: "The latest issue of Time on l y..."

8 Feb 1996

XX: "Almost as exciting as signing t h e..."

1 Feb 1996

XIX: A shocked Beavis asks the Journal to pull Microsoft's finger

  Jan 1996

25 Jan 1996

XVIII: Drinking to Suck on ladies' night

18 Jan 1996

XVII: Four months to live with an impotent Duchamp

11 Jan 1996

XVI: Boredom and indignation at MacWorld Expo

4 Jan 1996

XV: Continuing in our descent to buns, hooters, and Vienna Sausages

  Dec 1995

21 Dec 1995

XIV: We solemnly swear to worship Andre

14 Dec 1995

XIII: You can lead a horse to water, but that doesn't make him a duck

7 Dec 1995

XII: Nike sponsors Impressionists 'R' Us

  Nov 1995

30 Nov 1995

XI: Suck parodies, Andy Kaufman, and book cover art

24 Nov 1995

X: A picture perfect turkey

16 Nov 1995

IX: Innovation and plagarism on the web

9 Nov 1995

VIII: Mr. Bad Advice visits the Joyclub at Cyborganic

2 Nov 1995

VII: The future, domain names, and News of the Weird

  Oct 1995

25 Oct 1995

VI: Dead rock stars, sports, and French film

19 Oct 1995

V: The dark side of the web: Court TV

12 Oct 1995

IV: Nietzsche consumes Jolt cola

5 Oct 1995

III: O.J., MIT, and pasta

  Sep 1995

28 Sep 1995

II: A return to the scene of the crime

21 Sep 1995

I: Suck throws off some one-hit wonders