We'd like to thank these others who've contributed to the Total Suck Experience:

Dean Gaudet gave Suck an enhanced ispell, and has lent a hand with server administration.

Darryl Lee used to have more free time when he worked at the UCSB Library, as evidenced by his tipping off Suck about Pathfinder's "OJ Guilty" gaffe. Nowadays he has to squeeze his unofficial Suck proofreading duties into a slightly busier schedule as a sysadmin in Silicon Valley.

Merrill Gillaspy and Diane Anderson are our resident copyeditors on loan from Wired Digital. They do a great job. Let's give them a round of applause.

Saul has caught more errors on Suck than we'd care to admit. Saul created the video stills which illustrate How To Read Wired Magazine, and has helped with Suck sloganeering.

Nicole Chiala created version 1.5 of our logo - the "distressed mix" - which appeared on the first run of Suck t-shirts and the second run of Suck stickers. Nicole also designed the ratings graphics for We Give It 3 Out of 5 Stars.

Brady Clark designs from his home in Park City, Utah. Brady designed the Suck 2.0 logo, and his hand has been instrumental in developing all Suck 2.0 paraphernalia. He is currently rediscovering paper.