Heather Havrilesky (Polly Esther) is a Contributing Editor for Suck. She and illustrator Terry Colon have been churning out Filler every Wednesday since May of 1996. Don't believe the critics — she's just as angry as you want her to be.


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Chicks 'n' Shit
The Other Java
Wired For Dummies
Dysfunction's Function Got the Unction
Jean Splicing
You May Already Be A Wiener
Learning To Fly
Cosmetic Depth
Way New Fetishism
Vice Grip
Shrink Rap
Mission Implausible
Mid-Hype Crisis
A Lovin' Swoonful
Teen Heat
Thinking Outside the Mailbox
Good Spots
The Self-Help Backlash
Apple and Microsoft: a Fable
Miss Judged

Friendship! Friendship!
New Girl Order
Me and My Shadow Of Irony
Thanksgiving! Season's Beatings!
Details, Details
The Eternal Blame
Urban Hipsters
Great Expectations