E.L. Skinner is a no-deposit, no-return pseudonym of Hans Eisenbeis, editor of Request Line.


Survivor Guilt
Laying Off the Source
Host with the Most
End of Regulation
Pay to Play
Man Handled
Low Turnout
Road Rage
Face Value
Heavy Medal
Set For Stun
Pleased to Meat You
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Enlightened Self-Disinterest
Stations of the Dross
Cult Classic
Loaded With Options
Fit to Be Tie-Dyed
Come Again
Second Semester Madness
Thin Mint Condition
Reality Bites Back
Just Say Whoa
Class Dismissed
Enlightened Self-Disinterest
Book Mobile
Milking It
Sick and Wired
Just Do Yourself
White Riot
To Err is Human, to Crash, Divine
Free Range Beef
Fear and Coding


Slash and Burns
4-Wheel Drivel