After getting fired from Slaveway for making customers feel worthless, Erica Gies realized she needed a job where she could hide her sarcastic, obsessive-compulsive nature from the general public. Now she lurks in one of Wired Digital's many safe houses, copyediting to her heart's content and communicating only with writers and editors via email.

She's also pursuing an extremely useful master's in literature and plans to write her thesis on ecocriticism (where literature and ecology meet), thus capitalizing on her innate animistic tendencies and impressing her cats and plants. No doubt she'll one day be an ultra-famous ecocritic.




While Diane Anderson prefers Chicago Manual of Style to The AP Stylebook, she has learned to embrace the latter. She drinks too much water and thinks the world would be a better place were Lisa Simpson in charge.

Kate McKinley was Copy Chief of the whole Wired Digital ball of wax, of which Suck is a small but noisome part. She attained her lofty position by ruthlessly running off all her predecessors, while clinging to the copy desk with pit-bull-like tenacity.

David Perry was born on a farm in Washington, DC. As a child, when not busy with chores, he showed great promise as a budding pianist; however, deciding not to disappoint his parents, he eventually obtained a bachelor's degree in English, all the while keeping his love for music alive. Frustrated with his unfulfilled dreams, he left his bucolic environs and moved to San Francisco--soon after joining an anonymous rock band (one of many) as singer, songwriter, and guitarist. After years of impoverishment, he dusted off his bachelor's, decided that the Web was the future, and landed a job as a copy editor for Suck and HotWired. As fate would have it, he has now decided to pursue a new endeavor using his copyediting skills in India. David brought it to the attention of the Indian government that there are many road signs (as well as drivers and pedestrians) that could benefit from a little copyediting. He expects the project to take about six months ... or so.

Cayenne Woods is happier on two wheels than four and likes to hang out in nature and stuff. At work, she's a member of the sub-proletariat, the copy desk (but don't tell Kate).

Merrill Gillaspy knew she was perfect for this job, having grown up in Florida, managed a McDonald's, and then performed penance by working with sex offenders in a Massachusetts prison. She's currently shacking up with the Giant Crack-Smoking Canadian Rabbit, and hopes someday to get a letter from Alan Kornheiser.