Before inexplicably deciding to sign up for a tour in the US Army infantry, Chris Bray regularly handed out abuse as Ambrose Beers. These days, he continues to hand out the said abuse, but only when not knocking out push-ups or puzzling over the old question about which end of the rifle to point downrange. Pre-enlistment, his various odysseys between Denver, Los Angeles and points elsewhere gave him a worm's eye view of the foibles of prevaricating faux-leftist Mike Davis, magnificently unreadable Denver Post columnist Chuck Green, and a rogues' gallery of others, and he was good enough to share just about all of it with us. In the course of his reporting, he became the only Suckster other than Polly Esther for whom readers have demonstrated any feeling other than homicidal contempt. Chris has also written for Newsday, Simpleton, Buzz, Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, the Los Angeles Reader (R.I.P.), and Low (R.I.P., again.) Plus others better left unnamed.


Guts and Glory

Fast, Cheap, and Mission-Controlled
No Cerveza, No Trabajo
The Catcher in the Wheat
Them Against Fire
They Make Your Feet Feel Fine
Chickenhawk Down
The Hardship of Accounting
Intention Deficit Disorder
Don't Tell, Don't Tell
Messenger Service
Self Sacrifice
Guns and Butter
Slow Budget
Operation Distant Thunder
Discovery Channel
Separation Anxiety
Stained-glass Window
War Stories
House Divided
Cage Match
Speech Therapy
Law of the Jungle
Rolling Blunder
The New Vice Principle
High Anxiety
Wall of Voodoo
Trance Mission
Pile Driver
Name of the Game
Finger Painting
EZ-Bake Oven
Echo Chamber
Nerve Damage
Convergence Theory
Brown Bag
White Man's Bulworth
Morality Play
Naked Eye
Faux Pas
Err Travel
Identity Crisis
Gas Mask
Those Darn Scientists!
Believe It or Not
Résumé Fodder
Caveat Emptor
News above the Title
The Gospel According to Luke
Rolling Papers
The Sheltering Sky
The Bull Jar
Faking the News
Single Bullet-Point Theory
Anemic Analysis