With his trademark Alpine cap, ascot, and monocle, Tim Cavanaugh once cut a striking figure in international cafe society, but he has given up the bright lights for a quiet Tuscan life with his child and three wives. With a catalogue of aliases worthy of the globe-trotting master criminal he once was, Cavanaugh has brought the art of being unknown to a previously unknown level. In addition to being Suck's editor, fixer, commander-in-chief and primary punching bag, he writes for all the usual suspects and is the sole lighthouse keeper at The Simpleton. Having invented the widely-reviled Suck Interviews, he tried for a while to get credit for all the Hit & Run issues he's crafted single-handedly, but gave up sometime between the last gasp of Monicagate and the first belch of the 2000 Presidential race; chances are if you read something on Suck that makes you ask "What illiterate baboon wrote this crap?" he wrote it. Beyond that, Cavanaugh hews to the principle that editors should remain unseen and unheard. He's too modest to mention the Croix de Guerre he won during the recently ended Russo-Japanese War, but we know the heroic exploits of Vicki Lester, Addison DeWit, La Vache Qui Rit and many others can be blamed on him.


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Prediction for 1998
Prediction for 1998
Prediction for 1998
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