"Suck prides itself on providing some of the best coverage of AOL in the business. But then, we have an unfair advantage. His name is David Cassel." No, wait. That's Time magazine, the Internet, and Philip Elmer-DeWitt...

David Cassel, aka Destiny, contributed "You've got litigation!" plus a bunch of other stuff that we turned down.

He runs the AOL WATCH Web page, and during the week can be found composing missives to the thousands of members on the popular "AOL List." He writes for magazines that don't appreciate him, and was designated a pundit by L.A. Weekly on June 14, 1996. ("For every 2,000 members AOL has, I have a reader on my list.") Philip Elmer-DeWitt once called him a bozo, and Gina Smith called him "a detractor." He's mentioned on Leary.com.

Destiny spends most of his time whoring shamelessly from magazine to magazine, and writing for one of our would-be competitors. We secretly hate him.


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"You've got litigation!"