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A few weeks ago, I woke up
one morning and couldn't
remember what day it was.
Then I remembered that the
previous day had been
"Filler" day. This is how I
knew it was Thursday. Yes, I
spend too much time online.
Filler rules - keep up the
good work.

Mike Musgrove
Fast Forward/The Washington Post

I like to think that by
writing Filler, I'm providing
a valuable service to those
who spend too much time
online and don't own a

But then, I also like to
think that by getting 9 hours
of sleep a night, I'm making
the world a better place.

Nursing these delusions and


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Polly -

Congratulations on a really
groovy and consistently
readably cool column. It is
one of the things that I read
dutifully every week (even
when I skip Salon) and for
much the same reason that I
listen to Frank Deford on NPR
or read Frank Rich in the
Times on Wednesdays. Hump day
my ass! It's a great day for
media whores like me. (Yes I
am one, but aren't we all,
'cept those who're juggling
job offers while catching
today's Ricki). I'd ask you
for a job but I'm still
learning to write feature,
much less filler.

Fill on!

David Kissinger, IDG

Still learning to write
feature? Don't skip Salon,
apply to Salon!

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Subject: Congratulations ...

... on two very funny years
at Suck Duck Wong. As a long-
time reader, I regret I was
neither bored nor insulted.
Oh well. Maybe next week.


If you haven't been bored or
insulted by Filler yet, then
surely you're not a long time
reader. I know I'm both bored
and insulted by it quite

Speaking of boring and
insulting, Duck Wong sends
his best regards.


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Wrong Answer

The movie was pretty damn
good, (that first BMX ride
with SLEEP on the soundtrack
was fucking awesome), but it
would have been better if
Korine was actually from
Ohio. It was annoying to pick
out the NYC kids, such as
Chloe Whatever, since they
are not actually good actors
and thus not able to pull off
an accent. (Reminded me of
Kietel in The Last Temptation
of Christ.
) The bottom line is
that the script for Kids was
more clever (although you're
right about redemption buying
critical acceptance - that is
annoying). Gummo seemed like
poseurism times 10,
inverted. Hip NYC kids
glorifying Cannibal Corpse
and the white-trash nightmare
they don't really have the
right to enjoy. Do you think
Harmony Korine knows the
Slayer discography because he
finds it fascinatingly trashy
and winningly ironic or
because he truly loves Tom
Araya's voice or Dave
Lombardo's drumming? It
reminds me of all these
college grads here in the
Mission who love Death Metal.
I mean, shit, I'm one of
them, but I actually did hang
out at the wash and listen to
Maiden when I was 10. I
thought your commentary was
great, but wouldn't you love
to see a movie like this made
by one of the actual BMX
kids, grown up? Korine is
great, but he is no John

Paul Kaplan

Paul: I appreciate the
comments. I have trouble with
the idea of a good actor as
someone who can pull off a
good accent. As you may have
noticed, most of the actors
were from Tennessee, where Gummo
was filmed and where Korine
went to high school. As such,
their Tennessee accents are
pretty fuckin' OK. That
Korine nonetheless decided to
simply say that they were in
Ohio suggests that he doesn't
particularly care whether or
not he looks like he's
telling the truth. On the
authenticity tip, it's
interesting to note that the
Jehovah's Witnesses brothers
who killed their parents in
Gummo (a well-publicized 1995
real-life case in which they
killed their little brother,
too) were actually from
Pennsylvania, and in real
life they had Berserker and
Sieg Heil tattoos on their

Ultimately, I disagree with
the implication that your
identity bears on your right
to enjoy stuff. That a
disaffected nerd might be
able to truly live through
music that would only raise a
smirk on a rock critic's face
just shows that taste doles
out its own rewards and

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Toxic Shock

Now we know the true story:
Suck and Microsoft are in
cahoots. Why else would you
include a link to the
Microsoft-owned, pay-per-view
Slate? Why else
would you sneak such a
click-produced endorsement on
unsuspecting Suck readers?
You know if a person reads
Suck, he can't be too bright,
so he'll blindly shell out
the $19.95 in order to
diligently follow up on the
link. Such sublinkinal
advertising schemes are truly
the product of a deviant,
Microsoft-sponsored mind! But
I'm wary to your plans!

Seriously, here's an
interesting quote about
Microsoft's predatory
business tactics from
ex-Softie Alex St. John, who's
now sitting on his columnist
high horse over at the geek
mag Boot. I think his ego has
inflated how high up on the
food chain he really was at
Microsoft, but this is
probably true (and if it's
not it's a good geek yarn):

Money is shortsighted, it
doesn't decide to make
weak development tools,
it just runs out. It's a
struggle for development
tools companies to make
money, even Microsoft
wrestle s with it.
Microsoft's tool business
was a charity operation
to support Windows for
many years.

Yet Microsoft brutalized
Borland, the two
evangelists Microsoft set
on them are the guys who
later formed the DirectX
team. I'm going to use
the past tense "we" to
talk about it. "We"
decided Borland had
gotten too much leverage
on MS with its
development tools, so in
addition to lighting a
fire under the VC groups
butts, Microsoft hired
two evangelists to
attack Borland. One from
Watcom, and one from
Symantec. We used a
competition saturation
strategy to distract
Borland while we got our
own tool business
together. The idea was
that since there was very
little money in tools,
the best strategy to deal
with Borland was to
starve them out of the
business by fragmenting
the tool market with too
many competitors.
Microsoft knows that in
any market where
competition is
fragmented, it wins, so
it gave MFC away to every
compiler company, and
it gave MFC away to every
compiler company, and
offered huge co-marketing
and developer support
incentives to everyone
who took it. They then
promoted the hell out of
MFC. MFC thus became a
required/default feature
every developer expected
to get with their
development environment,
and Borland didn't have
it. Borland was forced to
the bargaining table,
and Microsoft required
them to dump their own
class library in order to
get an MFC license. That
was the end for Borland.
When they were done,
Microsoft simply released
the relationship strings
on the other tool
companies and they all
sank into oblivion
together. Those evangelists
and myself moved on to
work on Apples leadership
in multimedia.

<Name Withheld>

Thanks for the interesting
quote. Interesting to some,

Sinking into oblivion
together sounds very relaxing
and communal, actually - and
how many things are truly
both relaxing and communal?
Far less than the community
would care to admit.

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