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Textual Conduct Unbecoming

Yes, I enjoyed your piece on
the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
I agree it amounts to
nothing, really. And all the
hoopla is because the media
loves a scandal as does the
opposing Republican Party.
But, politically, it's little
more than payback for a
number of scandals during the
last two Republican
administrations. They also
amounted to nothing except a
lot of press rantings and

The thing about Clinton is
that he's a pure politician,
never, to my knowledge,
holding a real job at any
time in his life, and
foisting more and more
socialism upon this country
in incremental doses. He and
Hillary hold themselves before
the country as being morally
clean, yet it seems they are
the opposite. It seems there
is little they wouldn't stoop
to if it helped them
politically or monetarily.

The fact that Clinton's
partners have been indicted
and pled or found guilty in
shady real-estate deals
probably indicates that the
Clintons have abused the
system as well but so far
have gotten away with it. But
while the esoteric dealings
in Whitewater have so far
gone unpunished because
they're a little too high on
the food chain to get
indictments against, a sex
scandal is something the
average man can and does

So, even though the Lewinsky
affair may amount to nothing,
it seems that it serves as
poetic justice for Clinton
getting away with so much
before. Not that he's any
worse than the average
politician. But that he does
not represent my interests or
the best interests of the

T. Bauder

Most presidents have a long
string of real jobs before
they go into politics, right?
Bill and Hillary are sneaky
and dirty, but Reagan was a
stand-up kinda guy, right?

Those of you who are "morally
clean" can cast the first

Fish With Letter Icon

If having heart disease can
be a blessing (although it's
denied me Suck access for a
few weeks), it must be in the
form of not being able to
gaze or hear through the
morphine, Demerol, and
Percoset haze that
accompanies surgery and
recovery to know the
goings-on in Washington, DC,
the press, TV, et al. Thanks
for your unique sensibility
in synopsizing this media and
political morass, although
I'm still opting for DMX
radio and New Age music, and
now that I can again read
Suck, that too. The nice
thing about never having
voted for, liked, been fooled
by, believed in, enamored
with, or concerned about Bill
Clinton is that I can view
his personal behavior to be
inconsequential, and dwell
frequently on the real
problems concerning his
conduct in office as the
chief executive and the
inevitable legacy he'll leave
us with. Anyway, good stuff.

Dave George, San Jacinto, CA

Morphine! Demerol! Not
hearing the news can't
possibly be the biggest
blessing of your condition!

We wish you a speedy

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Bowled Over

You forgot to mention the
advertiser that had the
biggest impact: "America's"
leading maker of sports
apparel: Nike. The "I can"
ad, featuring The Verve's
"Bittersweet Symphony," is
evidence of a depressing but
nonetheless zeitgeisty trend:
using a NEW song that is
currently on the radio, in
ads. In the past, moldy
oldies that were used to
appeal to baby-boomer
nostalgia were the norm.
They're still around, but
they're on the wane, with
advertisers shifting their
target and, in turn, their
style (music, editing, etc.)
to a younger and increasingly
affluent (some of us)

When that ad came on, with
the stirring string
arrangement, my heart sunk.
Just one more thing to blur
the line between art,
commercials, consumerism,
and celebrity. If I were 15
and had bought that CD, I
probably would have thrown it

David A Zweig

Don't give yourself so much
credit at 15, buddy. You
weren't that wise. Besides,
CDs weren't around when you
were 15, and you know it.

Fish With Letter Icon

Past Out

Your piece on The New York
seemed almost
professional. Instead of the
regular inane babbling, I
sensed a pointed, informed
essay. You are almost

Why am I compelled to be so
pretentious and pedantic when
I write to Suck? You rock!

Bill Pringlemeir

Any credibility you sense is
probably your own baggage, as
my intention was to be just
as inane and babbling as
usual. You should maybe visit
a psychiatrist - I'm pretty
sure the sort of "hidden
messages" you are sensing in
my work are a symptom of some
sinister psychological


Fish With Letter Icon


I know I'm supposed to be
flip and witty here but I'd
rather just be boringly
sincere. Just wanted to
commend you on a well-written
and -argued piece today
(1/27). I enjoyed it very
much and am prodding my
friends to click over to to see it.

I agree with you
whole-heartedly: I would love
to have a serious newspaper
archive to search through. I
can order Nexis/Lexis
searches at my office for
work-related matters, but
would myself like to be able
to read fun stuff like old
movie or jazz reviews. It's
truly a shame that the Times
is bungling this chance to
change the nature of
information delivery.

Jim Johnson <>

Fish With Letter Icon

There is a special equation
Suck readers can take
advantage of: The more
friends you prod into viewing
Suck, the more boring and
sincere you're allowed to be
in your letters to Suck....

I focused on the Times
because it has the most to
gain from such an approach -
due to its unrivalled brand
appeal as the newspaper of
record. But plenty of other
papers could also take
advantage of the opportunity.
So make sure to blame them,


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