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Children of the Scorn

Am I the only one who has
noticed that, in every
fucking (boring, stupid, no
content) speech that idiot of
a president has given
(phew!), the word "children"
has been mentioned?

As a result, every time I
hear that word now, I go
(like postal) and search for
the nearest tall building
with rifle in hand.

In my opinion, this is a way
to cover for his
unimaginative politics and
policies. By hiding under
"the word," he can fire back
at critics by accusing them
of being un-American and
"against the future of our

Well, he can go fuck himself
and his child(ren). Including
his bastard child Al "fuckme"

Sorry about the rant.


Yes, you're the only one who
has noticed. But have you
also noticed that he also
invariably mentions
"chicken"? What's up with all
this talk of "chicken"? And
have you also heard him, in
nearly the same breath, speak
of "dental floss," or "bunny
rabbits"? Like anyone is
against "dental floss"! If we
hear that fuck go on about
"bunny rabbits" one more
time, we're gonna burn down
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
and deny some children a
future filled with chicken
and waffles.

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Hold Everything

What do you have that made
you predict Pottery Barn will
file for Chapter 11?


Well, Pottery Barn is owned
by the same people who own
Hold Everything, and our
psychics tell us that, in
1998, unruly, disorganized,
shelf-free apartments filled
with books and random file
folders and tangled webs of
socks and underwear will be
all the rage. Sell high,

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Great Expectations

Mr. Bong,

How in the world can you say
that a Dahmer victim is more
deserving of suffering than
Princess Di? Di wasn't
murdered by a psychopath, she
died in a drunk-driving
accident because she was
brain dead enough to get into
a limo with a drunk at the
wheel and then compounded her
stupidity by not wearing her
seat belt. If I had anything
to say about it, Di would
have been right behind O. J.

People have talked about "all
the charity work she did." If
my mother-in-law were the
richest woman on the planet,
I'm sure I'd have plenty of
time to devote to charity
work, too. What did this
woman actually do for these
charities besides lend them
her name? All I ever saw were
photo-op shots of her looking
forlorn as she strolled
through a ward of poor

I expect better from a

Ken Johnson

To belabor a point obvious to
all but, apparently, you: The
Zeitgeist I was attempting to
define regarding sick jokes
was not my own personal one,
but that of the nation at
large. Dahmer's entrees, er,
victims tended to be
homosexuals, and foreign ones
at that - two groups not
exactly on the collective
"What's Hot" list for Joe and
Jill Sixpack. Lady Di's car
crash was the year's focal
Heartbreaking Tragedy -
witness her portrait in
pixilated flowers on the
cover of Newsweek's Year in
Photos issue.

On the subject of your angst
and anger regarding Lady Di
and/or Sucksters, all I can
say is, in the immortal words
of Lionel Ritchie, "Sahm Bo
Li to Say C'mo Jahm, welllll
Jumbo, Jumbo; goin' ta
part-eh all weeeek long,
Ohhhhh Jumbo, now. Sahm Bo Li
to Say C'mo Jahm, Well,
Jumbo, Jumbo!!"

Happy Hannukah,

James Bong

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Bitter Pill

Sucking up is a fine art.
It's a skill. It takes
practice, a lack of
self-respect, and a complete
disregard for others.

Now, it should be understood
that sucking and sucking up,
while related, are not to be
confused as the same thing.
Sucking is a default for
everything, everyone, every
time. Sucking up takes

You guys really have put some
effort into it too. Catchy
graphics, nice sharp
commentary, clean copy, and a
jumble of catchwords and
phrases. Who'd have thought
such a cutting-edge
enterprise would grind itself
into the sand with
bandwidth-hogging ads. Ah,
but in the great tradition of
the ZDNet pages, a frame
appears, popping ads in your
face while your rhetoric
glibly comments on the
brainless exploits of others.

Take a pill, and stop sucking
as much as the corporate
pages. Give the frame a
vacation, and set the adverts
off on another page. If I
wanted to go to - I'd
get there without my browser
reminding me.

James Andrew Kimble

You have sinned, James. You
have failed to perceive the
EZ economics of Web
publishing and its winsome,
linksome ways. Your
punishment is three-fold.
First, you shall click on an
ad. Second, you shall
purchase the product pitched
by the ad, regardless of its
applicability to your
lifestyle/demographic (if it
is a Web site, you shall
click on no less than 10 of
its pages). Third, you shall
repeat steps 1 through 3.
Write us back when you're

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