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Say It Ain't So

I enjoyed "Say It Ain't So."

Might part of the problem be
that as writers become
celebrities it's difficult
for them to disguise that
they are writing about
themselves? While the writer
of the past could call a
quasi-memoir a novel, the
writer of the present has
difficulty getting away with
this, so she covers her ass
and makes it all true. Maybe
the new Don DeLillo novel
will be a happy medium.

Jim Stoicheff

Certainly, it's a bad sign
when writers (aka
"Bespectacled nerds with no
known appeal") become celebs,
but you should never count
out rank laziness where
writers are concerned. As we
saw demonstrated in a recent
episode of Filler
, many
writers had lousy childhoods,
and it's easier to write up
the lousiness than sublimate
it into something cool, like
a story where terrorists use
the Goodyear Blimp to blow up
the Super Bowl. But for my
money, "What is written
without effort is generally
read without pleasure," as we
see demonstrated every day in


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Hey, hey, hey - watch out for
the digs on Home
my favorite TV
show! Yeah, the sixth season
was weak, likely due to
oddball writers. But we fans
have mucho faith - the season
premiere is tomorrow - so
we'll see if it's going over
the cliff early or not.

And if you want to see some
obsessive writing about the
show, by me, check:,
67 pieces and counting.


C Five

Your writing about the show
is indeed obsessive,
Christian. I shudder to think
what you'd have done if the
Web and Carter Country had
existed at the same time.

But I guess it's in the
spirit of the occasion that
you blame "writers" for HI's
sixth-season slippage. I find
watching Tim Allen somewhat
less pleasurable than a hot
poker in the eye, but the
writers should take their
lumps too. Writers suck.


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Are You in a Meeting?

Up until a week ago or so, I
worked in a large corporation
where discussions had to take
place in official meetings.
Of course, the only time we
every really got any work
done was during those
"unofficial" coffee station
and hallway meetings. Anyway,
I've spent way too much time
in corporate meetings.
Several years ago, I gave up
even trying to participate. I
started doodling instead. I
even tried to get out of
meetings, telling my boss
that I'd actually work
instead. Nope ... no good ...
everyone needs to waste some
time. Anyway, I have a page
I've devoted to some of my
better doodles. Please stop
by (\~treisner)
and see what corporate
time-wasting has inspired.

The Treisners

So, you quit your job to
start a Web site devoted to
doodles? That's excellent.
Just another instance of
technology touching our lives
in a dramatically useless

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I Don't Need a Support

Hi, I am the guy who sent you
the message about social
support and the opinion of
the community psychology. I
have been in your site, but I
need some information from
you: I would put your opinion
in my research. The first thing
I want to ask is: "There are a
lot of virtual community, and
people like chatting in the
virtual rooms. Do you think that
this new mode of communication
can make them more happy?"

The second: "What about the
continuing of virtual relation
in the real life? Are there
people who meet in the real
life after chatting on

The last: "Can really this
way of life make our society

I hope you understand what I
mean. I am Italian, and here
the communication is very
different, so I can't for the
moment understand what's
happening in the United
States. If you can give me a
good answers, do it. I need
direct informations.

Thanks a lot,
Gianfranco Gorelli

The answers: 1) Yes - but so
can Tetris. 2) Yes - but
they're always disappointed.
3) No.

Suck: Filled with Direct

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