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more prozac for ann you must
take large bong hits tastier
by far ... and curse the
habit of conformity render
unto caesar domesticity and
divest of value comfort in
the name of satan all values

<Name Withheld>

Are you referring to the
old formula of uncomfortably stoned
nonconformists shunning
domesticity in the name of
Satan, or are you suggesting
a bong hit followed by a
Caesar salad but never in the
comfort of your own home?
Either way, we're already

Fish With Letter Icon

Hey -

Just a little after-the-fact

Xanax is not an SSRI.... It is
an anxiolytic
(benzodiazepine) comparable
to Valium, Ativan, or
Klonipin. If anyone started
popping their roommate's
Xanax hoping for a little
butt-kick out of a
depression, they would be
quite disappointed.

The others you mentioned -
Effexor, Zoloft, Paxil - are
very similar to Prozac in
chemistry and neurological
action. You were right there.

I work at a psychiatric
hospital ... and while I see
uncontestable proof of the
benefits of these drugs on a
daily basis, even for
symptoms other than
depression ... you have to
wonder.... Mainstream
advertising? Zoinks!

"I got my marriage back!" ...
Hah. Often, people finally
give their jerky spouses the
heave-ho after years of a
crappy relationship after
coming out of depression. "I
got my shit together!" is
more like it.

Ever been taken out to dinner
as a guest of a
pharmaceutical drug company?
And people wonder why drugs
cost so friggin' much.

Stephen Blais

Do those pharmaceutical drug
company dinner packages come
with free samples?

Oh, ha ha. Just kidding. Heh.

Fish With Letter Icon

Prozac: It's Not Just For
Breakfast Anymore

That Prozac article is the
stuff that most people don't
want to talk about. I mean,
if someone is popping the
stuff for months on end it's
probably time to seek some
more serious help. As I read
the article I couldn't help
but sing a few lines ...
"This is ground control to
Major Tom ..." (David Bowie,
"Space Oddity").

It's amazing how profitable
that stuff is. Makes me wish
I had invented it.

We are very fortunate that
Bill Gates doesn't control
the whole Prozac market. If
that were true, half the
nation would be hooked on the
stuff. It would be on every
desktop. The mainstream media
would be falling all over
themselves telling us how
good it is and how good
Prozac98™ is going to
be. Imagine the shrinks
signing agreements that say
that they can prescribe no
other drug. Imagine the
shelves at Longs, or whatever
your local drug store happens
to be. Aspirin? Gone.
Pepto-Bismal? Gone. Tums?
Gone. Just rows and rows of
Prozac products. Magazines
and books devoted to Prozac.

But of course that would never
happen, would it?


If Bill controlled the Prozac
market, we probably wouldn't
care that he did.

Fish With Letter Icon

Miss O'Tate,

Good to see someone else finds
the concept of having to
advertise for antidepressant
medication a little
unnerving. Being a
manic-depressive myself, I
didn't exactly have the
luxury of skimming through
popular magazines in search
of a nice little pill to try
... and wouldn't necessarily
want to. Unfortunately, it's
the American attitude that
you refer to in your article
(the need to self-medicate,
whether through pills, smack,
or Hostess) that lets the
pharmaceutical companies get
away with plastering Parade
and People with
sunny ads chock full of
cheery thirtysomethings being
too pleasant for their own
good. Only in America would
people allow their doctors to
get them on medication for
something like a bad hair
day. No wonder the threat of
antibiotics adaptation by
bacteria is so close; doctors
give them away, along with
antidepressants, like candy,
and the American people eat
it up without questioning.

What disturbs me the most
about the widespread use of
antidepressants by
individuals who might not
really need them is that
those folks who do might not
be taken seriously. It
frightens me to think that
the FDA might actually allow
Eli Lilly to assign secondary
indications to Prozac -
indications that will further
their ability to get the
world "hooked" on a drug it
doesn't need. Let's just hope
the federal drug barons
aren't hopped up on the smack
they're being asked to clear
on the day their approval
review comes up.

Sean Lunsford

There is something unnerving
about bumping into a
"Depression hurts. Prozac can
help." ad right after an
article titled "Immediate
Help for I Hate Myself Days."
There are plenty of people
who need Prozac, but there
are far more people who
don't, and persuading them to
think they do is a step
towards the widespread
commercialization of mental
makeup - cosmetic
pharmacology for those of us
whose attitudes are ugly.

A not-insignificant number of
readers wrote in to point out
that antidepressants can be
valuable, even life-saving,
for the clinically depressed.
As a resident alien in the
Prozac Nation (I haven't
filled my prescription yet),
I can appreciate the
sentiment. The venom of last
week's article was probably
just me "acting out." When
(and if) the perscription
kicks in, those readers
offended by my cavalier
attitude are invited to tune
again for the new and
improved Suck, including
thoughtful comparisons of
Touched by an Angel vs. Dr.
and "Ten Things You
Never Noticed About a
Sunset." Until then, I'll be
self-medicating with
over-the-counter drugs,
perferably the kind that come
with olives.

Make it dry - very, very dry,


Fish With Letter Icon

Subject: Prozac in Canada:
It's in the water

Canadians, and now people on
Prozac. Talk about shooting
at fish in a barrel. Now that
I think of it, too many of
your recent targets have been
easy marks. What happened to
the challenge of it all?

It's just too easy to be
cynical. You know, it's
actually fun to take a stand
that alienates you from those
who you think are cool. So
come on, repeat after me: I
actually like Hanson. I
actually like Hanson....


Sure, being cynical is easy.
That's never been the
challenge - the challenge is
seeing for how long we can
get away with it. As for
Hanson - well, they're easy

Fish With Letter Icon

Subject: Drugs

You people have finally gone
too far. Your blatant
endorsement of recreational
drugs is an outrage, and I
would write my congressman if
I weren't high as a fucking


Fish With Letter Icon

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