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The Bull Jar

Ha ha! I've only perused Suck
a few week now but I love it.
But, hey what's your take on
this persona you've
cultivated. And "fish in a
barrel" sure, but the last
few times I've read, the fish
have been mighty big. People
magazine and the publishing
industry are more like a
greased hippos in a sand
pale. I'm not in line at the
grocery store; considering
your likely audience I think
you're preaching to the

Bill Jackson

"Greased hippos in a sand
pale?" Is that some kind of
sly and knowing reference to
my in-laws? Not very nice, if
it is.

And please bring your computer
to the grocery store. This is
the Suck plan to enhance the
size of our likely audience,
if I'm not mistaken, and I
think it's clever as hell.
Thank you.


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I'm waiting for a new book to
be released by a dead author.
Remember the "dead politician
that was elected" urban
legend? I can't wait for
Harry Truman to come out with
a testimonial to the American
spirit later this month.
Watch out NY Times!

As ever,

Lee Azzarello
Minister of Propaganda

There've been SEVERAL books
released by a dead author.
His name is "Norman Mailer."

And actually, Harry Truman IS
coming out with a new book
later this month. Funny that
you use "coming out." "Dead
Presidents Don't Bounce
," a
tell-all on Truman's years
with the bad boy of
basketball, should shoot
straight to the top of the
bestseller lists. Harry T.
drops a bomb on the book
world! Oof!


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Dear Sucker:

Sometimes you San Franciscans
need to take a break from
bitching about the goddamned
television. Consider this
benefit: You'll have more
energy to harass un-hippies
who want some fucking napkins
with their take-out (and a
straw, too, please, and put
it all in a plastic bag).

We need another earthquake to
thin out your ranks a little.

xox, dead nancy nyc

P.S. By the way, I didn't read
much of the article.

I noticed. At least you're

I live in New York. I was
bitching about a book, and
about critics who complain
about TV instead of tossing
it on the trash heap. You
have failed the Reading Comp
portion of this test.

I said, I want that

As for the earthquake, pitch
it to Fox2000 already.

- Ersatz

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That would be "Strange game ...
the only way to win is not to
play." Joshua's line from War
after he figures out
every possible outcome of
nuclear war. Sad thing about
2600: 13 years of the
same layout, same shitty
writing, and the same
"convert a radio shack tone
dialer to a redbox" article.

Marc Powell

Very good call on War Games.
But thanks to you, my pop -
cultural literacy diploma has
been revoked, and now I've
got to go to summer skool.
I'll get you for this.

- Ersatz

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