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Your Martian/Wink Martindale
piece, when paired with
Terry's drawing, actually
made me shit myself laughing.
You already exhibit all the
ideals I seek in a woman:
cynicism, misanthropy,
interest in Martians, and a
mammoth sense of humor. Will
you marry me?


(Name Withheld)

P.S. You are a woman, aren't

Gleeb smelldog, trenckle

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We used to have those lame-ass
managerial posters at the
technical writing job I had
for four years. ("Customer
complaints are the guidebooks
from which we learn...") One
day I couldn't stand it any
more--so in giant fonts, I
printed out my own poster for
the work-place. Matching the
poster's fonts, I printed
out: "ANNOYING motivational
POSTERS Antagonize Your

So I enjoyed Wednesday's
piece. I forwarded the URL to
my (former!) manager.

David Cassel

Good to know that I could help
avenge your wrongheaded
former manager. Let me know
if you have anyone else you'd
like me to publicly


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A quick trip to would have
told you that the popular
lunch product is called Cup
Noodles. Not "Cup-a-Noodles"
as you so impetuously
printed. I can tell you've
never really starved...


Maybe I was just so faint and
weak and dazed from lack of
nourishing food sources that
I neglected to pay close
attention, as I blindly and
desperately fumbled with my
vacuum-wrapped variation on
the ramen theme.

So have some sympathy already!


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Dwelling Machine, Sweet
Dwelling Machine

Enjoyed your piece today.
Seems to me Frank Lloyd
Wright came up with some very
cheap Volkshousing designs,
too, and got about as far as
Bucky Fuller.

David P. Bond

According to other readers,
Wright actually got a little
further, with his Usonia
houses. But while people
still live in these houses
today (as do some people in
Edison's concrete houses),
they were never
mass-produced, and thus
they're now rare and



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Yeah, I think Ayn Rand
fictionalized an account of
Wright's efforts in The
I had the good
fortune to once own a house
ostensibly of his generic
design. It was bigger on the
inside than it was on the
outside, like Dr. Who's

David P. Bond

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Greg -

Had fun reading your Suck
piece "Dwelling Machine,
Sweet Dwelling Machine" re
Gates Gargantuanism vs. the
Egalitarianism of Edison,
Bucky, & the quaint
Amish, all leading up to our
next workaholic paradise:
Cyberhome 2000.

Along these same lines, for an
updated view, re Buckyworks
2000, check out my
"Brainstorming on Buckyworks"
* re the convergence of
computing platforms with
platforms theatric providing
new 'props' for global
deployment (many makes 'n'
models) all around.


Kirby Urner

I enjoyed reading your vision
of the future, with pods
replacing cubicles. After
writing the "Dwelling
Machine" piece and another
about advertising, I came to
the conclusion that we would
soon be seeing
advertiser-sponsored homes in
demographically desirable
neighborhoods - i.e., the
Ralph Lauren house, the
NikeHouse - as the next
extension of lifestyle
branding, but I think your
vision of IBM pods is a far
likelier scenario....



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Thanks for getting back to me

NikeHouse might have an "old
woman with too many children"
image to lick - a challenge
for the marketeers (Nike HQ's
just a few miles from my
door, so of course I know
people "on the inside")....

The early versions of Fly's
Eye, such as the one I'm
pushing for showcase debut at
the local science museum
(OMSI) will probably have too
many decals - like a racing
car trying to sell as many
cigs as possible before the
Feds toss the Marlboro Man
off the race track. Expecting
such firms as Sun, TRW, and
Motorola to affix their
stickies, and of course we'll
inevitably see an "Intel
Inside" on at least a few
makes 'n' models.

But to get these "pods" to
vibe "cool" we have to use
'em as props in some
heavy-duty trauma and drama -
talking "real world" here,
not just Hollywood stage
sets. We need that both to
provide context and to work
the kinks out of the pods,
before commercializing in
litigious cultures. So, just
as professional drivers get
first crack at the fancy race
cars (actually, test drivers
even before the racers -
sometimes same person), so
will the pods at first get a
special breed of cubicle
person to take 'em out for a
spin. Maybe Sean Connery?

Kirby Urner

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