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Mat Dancing

Jesse "The Body" Ventura was
mayor of Brooklyn Park, a
Minneapolis suburb.

I know you guys love the pipe,
but how much do you have to
smoke before you ask an
ex-pro-wrestler to run for
Senate? Sheesh.

- Joel

I'm always interested when
wrestlers put their ring
achievements to good
advantage in the real world.
I had no idea about Jesse's
politcal ambitions, do you
have any more info on this?



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It's a shame you weren't born
earlier in this century to
comprehend the historical
relevance of wrestling as a
bona fide televison art-form
when Gorgeous George and
Argentina Rocca preened and
drop-kicked their way into
our living rooms. Sure,
roller derby was more legit,
but Whoa Nelly, it was really
wrestling that saved us from
Playhouse 90 doldrums.

David George

Your view that wrestling saved
you from the Playhouse 90
doldrums" is my favorite
letter of the week! No one is
sorrier than me that I can't
see those classic wrestlers,
or even more recent
old-timers like Freddie
Blassie in their prime. While
Playhouse 90 performances
stiffen with age, nothing
could be fresher to me than
Gorgeous George rockin' the
Garden in the golden age.


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The Shit

Subject: New Prudential

I think co-opting the tagline
"Get Rocked!" from the movie
The Rock would provide the
screaming Mountain Dewdy sort
of in-your-face-until-you-
irreverance that they think
we want to see.

Personally, I think the
Playtex people are blowing it
by not stealing the "If it
doesn't get all over the
place ..." campaign from
Carl's Jr.


David Isbister

Oof. Ouch. Ooo. Yuck. Ugh.

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Mat Dancing

So who's faking it? Why the
National seal of the USA and
pretty blue curtains? What's
with all those chairs that
remain in the place they
began? The ultimate
media-information will be the
tag-team press confrence. The
decor is as it always is, but
it is held in a cage. It
starts out with the
run-of-the-mill questions,
but when things get hotter,
out come the body-blows!
Press members select two at a
time to "ask questions" while
the interviewees select two
others to "field" the
questions. All the asking is
done by shouting while dogging
(or charging head-on) the
brutal opponent trying to
"pry" the truth out or
"protect" their credibility.
Who cares if the truth was
obtained by excessive force,
isn't that what we want
anyway...? Truth?

Just a thought,

Lee Azzarello

Beats me what they really want
Leo, except for us to really
believe that they do want
something (i.e., that they
really want the truth), fake
as it is, you know? I think
they're more interested in
the idea of conflict and
action when there is none,
à la wrestling, and
making it seem like not only
is there news but that they
report it like it actually


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