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Toukin' about a Revolution...

Too bad I missed the article
on Canada last month. I read
the responses today. Most of
them were bullshit,
especially the ones about
politeness (witness Bailey
vs. Johnson:
brash Canadian
whoops sportsmanlike
American's ass!) but you can
add a statistic to your list:
Number of Suck specials
claiming spelling errors in
Canadian responses,
themselves containing glaring
spelling errors: 1. Even
smoking your Webster's
homegrown green, toque is
spelled with 'que', not 'uk',

Mark Ambachtsheer
<maambach@ undergrad.math.>

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I'm not going to rant and
rave. Many of your points
were accurate, if hyperbolic
and a bit overstated. Anyone
who reads Suck should
understand that hyperbole is
in the style guide (kidding).
However, the comment about
Canadian culture at its
finest giving you Porky's was
a little much. Belittle
Canada if you must (many of
us Canucks do), but please
don't belittle the
achievements of noteworthy
Canadians. Ours is the
country that gave the world
Glen Gould, Douglas Coupland
... and Richie Hawtin, but I
don't think he's got the same
kind of international respect

Oh, and by the way, it's
Toque, not Touk.

eh, Andrew White

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That's "touque" you dumbass


Number of Canadians who wrote
to tell us it's "Toque, not
Touk": 10

Number of Canadians who wrote
to tell us it's "Touque, not
Touk": 4

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Here's a Little Tip

Dear, I see your point, that
circumcision is widely
accepted yet not really
discussed or given much
thought. Yet you must be
careful with your comparisons
... the only thing female
genital mutilation and
circumcision have in common
is the area involved. Now if
circumcision incapacitated a
man for life, giving him
two-week-long menstrual
cycles whose cramps were
extraordinarily intensified,
and making intercourse all
but impossible and never
enjoyable, then you might
have a case for comparison.
However, I don't think you
do.... Please don't
trivialize the fight against
genital mutilation.


You're absolutely right,
Pamela. I thought I drew the
distinction between the two
in the article, but maybe not
forcefully enough. Didn't
mean to trivialize this
practice, or the fight
against it. Sorry.

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I agree completely. If
tradition dictates needless
bodily harm, what's the
point? There is no excuse to
remove a body part,
especially when it makes you
loose sensitivity.... Unless
it really is a conspiracy.
Obviously, the cleanliness
factor means nothing anymore,
so it is really an issue of
removing a social construct.
Maybe circumcision will now
become a hot issue in
national politics. ¡Viva
la Revolución!


Lee Azzarello

Much of today's mail has had a
distinctly revolutionary tone
to it. Just make sure you've
got comrades before you take
to the barricades. Don't want
to end up with your, uh, hat
in your hand.

yr pal,


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Subject: Preach On

I'm not circumcised, yet this
weirds people out.... Why?

$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$

"He's a rude and disrespectful
punk and no one in class
likes him!!!!" - my 10th
grade English teacher, Mrs.

The Repo Man

Maybe they're weirded out by
you rather than your penis.

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