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Here's a Little Tip

Dear, I see your point, that
circumcision is widely
accepted yet not really
discussed or given much
thought. Yet you must be
careful with your comparisons
... the only thing female
genital mutilation and
circumcision have in common
is the area involved. Now if
circumcision incapacitated a
man for life, giving him
two-week-long menstrual
cycles whose cramps were
extraordinarily intensified,
and making intercourse all
but impossible and never
enjoyable, then you might
have a case for comparison.
However, I don't think you
do.... Please don't
trivialize the fight against
genital mutilation.


You're absolutely right,
Pamela. I thought I drew the
distinction between the two
in the article, but maybe not
forcefully enough. Didn't
mean to trivialize this
practice, or the fight
against it. Sorry.

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I agree completely. If
tradition dictates needless
bodily harm, what's the
point? There is no excuse to
remove a body part,
especially when it makes you
loose sensitivity.... Unless
it really is a conspiracy.
Obviously, the cleanliness
factor means nothing anymore,
so it is really an issue of
removing a social construct.
Maybe circumcision will now
become a hot issue in
national politics. ¡Viva
la Revolución!


Lee Azzarello

Much of today's mail has had a
distinctly revolutionary tone
to it. Just make sure you've
got comrades before you take
to the barricades. Don't want
to end up with your, uh, hat
in your hand.

yr pal,


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Subject: Preach On

I'm not circumcised, yet this
weirds people out.... Why?

$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$

"He's a rude and disrespectful
punk and no one in class
likes him!!!!" - my 10th
grade English teacher, Mrs.

The Repo Man

Maybe they're weirded out by
you rather than your penis.

Fish With Letter Icon

Loaded with Options

I, long ago worked at Radio
Shack under a Commission
Sales agreement, US$3.30 an
hour plus the commissions.
Not bad during the X-mas
season. But it sucked
big-time the rest of the
year. Seems the bull market
is the X-mas season. Just
wait until they have to live
through the bear market on
commission sales.... I will
have my revenge.

Speaking of X-mas, the end of
the bull market will be
signaled by the decline of
X-mas as profitable time.
More revenge.... But watch
out for collapse of the
transportation system.

You have a nice read. Keep the
edge and point sharp.

David A. Dorney

Your note reminded me of the
summer I spent in an ice
cream truck. When it was
discovered by my supervisor
that I was making about $1.50
an hour (and that didn't
include the cost of inventory
I was eating myself while I
worked), I was given a
one-way bus ticket home
(which I used to buy a cold
pint of beer, and hitchhiked

The opposite of a budding
young Ovitz or Eisner, I
never put one-and-one
together and offered "adult
treats" to the strange young
men and women in Birkenstocks
who wandered up to the truck
with rolling papers and
cigarette lighters. So I
guess I was cut out for
gainful self-unemployment.
And I haven't had a Dove Bar
or a Chocolate Drummy for
years now....

E.L. Skinner

Fish With Letter Icon

Well done, Skinner. It will be
interesting to see how many
CEOs send their vociferous
protestations. Want to bet
none? OK, maybe Ovitz will.
My ex-CEO at Generous
Dynamics substantially
increased shareholder value,
laid off fifty or sixty
thousand people, then sold
off the company for the
principal owners making them,
then himself and, get this,
26 other guys (no women)
really rich. Well, the truth
is he couldn't find buyers
for some divisions, so some
people actually still have
temporary jobs. And you know
how much it must bother them
to read criticism like yours?

David George

You're right: Eisner, Ovitz,
Coss, and the rest wouldn't
be where they are today if
they gave a crap what regular
folks think and do.

Unfortunately, a conscience
can waste a lot of space in
the wallet and on the books,
so it's included in the cost
of tuition for most MBAs....

- E.L. Skinner

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