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Custer's Last Hand

Hello BarTel

Really enjoyed your column in
Suck today. It struck one of
my chords, so to say.

I've had some other ideas
concerning the Indians
getting back at the whiteys.
On my Web site is a cartoon
that I did back in '93, and
another idea I had (while
working on advertising for an
auto dealership) in '94. It
was common for me to get
goofball ideas while
designing commercial

I've recently been
"rightsized" out of a job at
a company that got most of
its revenue from gambling
companies. I added those
items to my site after the
firing. You should see how my
ex-boss would climb over
himself, friends, and family
to French-kiss-ass with the
casinos for their money.




Downsizing is a national
disgrace! We know how hard it
is to be a white guy these
days, and as part of our
effort to care for the
victims of corporate common
sense, we have put you on our
list of possible recipients
of a wagonload of Suck
blankets (small pox
vaccination highly
recommended prior to use).


Fish With Letter Icon


One of the best things about
being unemployed is being
friends, or engaging in
conversation with, people you
would usually not give eye
contact or the time of day.

"Yes, I am interested in extra
health coverage."

"I'm sorry I don't have a
dollar. But I do have a few
minutes to chat."

"Hi Mom."

I think the benefits that come
from recession, depression,
and a newly wed Alan
Greenspan can only offer a
coming-together of the

Mike Collado

Alan Greenspan wed? Does that
mean tight money or loose
money? And what does that

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Moron The Shit

How much does it cost to have
a title listed in The Shit? A
friend's coming out with a
Joseph Heller study in a
couple of months.


Send US$200.00 - check payable
to T. Jay Fowler, Suck, 660
Third Street, 4th Floor, San
Francisco, CA 94107.

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Stop the Presses

You know, I'm quite a fan of Where else can I
exchange hard-earned currency
for such valuable goods and
services? I have shelves and
shelves full of books, which
really impresses friends and
families and makes me seem
much more intelligent than my
ACT scores would lead one to
believe. Unfortunately, this
doesn't really seem to help
in the "relationship-
department, as women don't
really seem to be too
impressed at my ability to
drop apparently extremely
intellegent words to describe
very simplist sorts of

Example: "Hello there, young,
nubile beauty, would you care
to consume an alchoholic
beverage with me while we
discuss the juxtaposition of
your fashion paradigm from
your persona to the realm of
my floor?"

Usually ends up with smoke
coming out her ears as the
286 processor melts down....


robert asher

Words aren't intelligent, Bob.
People are. And, while you
might be surprised to hear
this advice coming from us,
using "big" words to describe
"simplist" things really
isn't impressive. More often
than not, it's annoying,
hence the disappointing
results you're getting in the
opposite-sex department.

However, we find your
conclusion that a woman's
disgust with your bookish act
is simply a sign of her
slower processor speed a
wonderfully poignant reminder
of our youth. You're so
naively smug in that
college-guy kinda way....
It's touching, really. Don't
let these years slip by too
quickly, Bob. Rest assured
that the bliss of your
innocent vanity will be
replaced all too soon by an
awareness of a much harsher
alternate universe in which
you, not the nubile young
beauty, are the dupe.

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Custer's Last Hand

Nice piece, but it's amusing
to see how many people
involved in Foxwoods are guys
with Italian and Irish last
names who recently discovered
they were "part Narragansett"
or something.

Never underestimate the
ability of established,
experienced thieves
(including the IRS and US
Government) to get their
hands on large stacks of
cash. The rebuilding of
Atlantic City was hoisted on
the flimsy promises that part
of the money would feed
public school kids. Likewise,
I never fail to wheeze a
bitter chuckle when I
overhear some moron defend
his fistful of New York
Lottery tickets with the
tired excuse, "It all goes to
the schools."

The road to hell may indeed be
paved with good intentions,
but I-95 was widened to
accomodate the
ever-increasing flood of
fools and money seeking a
painless no-fault divorce.

Rob Seulowitz

Fish With Letter Icon

I very much enjoyed the
article about "tribal"
casinos, and I thought the
point about casinos painting
an image of community benefit
to lure in guilty white folk
was clever and well-stated.
However, I think the article
gave the impression that the
claims of community benefit
made by some "tribal" casinos
are true. Casinos may provide
jobs for many community
members, however, "tribal"
casinos are no more
charitable than most
traditional casinos. Donald
Trump does not do much to put
money back into the
community, and I'm sure
neither do the few elite
moguls of the "tribal"

Sam Douglass

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Sucking up for a Spanking

Hmm, so Owen's an alum now?
Well, I guess if I had to gum
my way through all that
Gen-X, pomo irony day after
day, I'd probably either have
to fling myself off of the
Golden Gate, or, I don't
know, start a grunge band.
Don't you guys ever get

Tell you what, why don't you
put down the thesaurusi and
the KY-Jelly and do something
constructive for a change -
like roasting me for my big
birthday blow out. Come on,
let's see how hilarious you
angry youngsters are. Let's
hear all about how goddamn
unfunny and unispired I am -
or, better yet how much you
couldn't care less about me.
(And if you take the easy way
out with something like, "go
spank yourself," I will have
to handle all of your
noisette-sipping asses

god bless, spanky

Oh, and I'll expect your text
before the 15th.

This is your solution to our
problem with boredom? Or your
solution to your problem with
low hit counts?

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