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Joey Anuff


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Terry Colon
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Ana Marie Cox
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T. Jay Fowler
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Heather Havrilesky
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Carl Steadman
Carl Steadman


Sean (Duuuuude) Welch
Sean Welch


Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas
Copy Editor


Didn't Have the Latin for It

What's "n.b.," stand for
please? Thanks again for the
continuing quality of Suck.
Are you fans of Might?


That's "n.b." from nota bene,
or "note well" for you
rustics out there. Usage: The
folks at Suck seem to like
Might a lot, n.b. the fact
that Might's parties tend to
involve large quantities of
free liquor. You can also use
it to call attention to
something your conversant may
have overlooked. Like, say:
Nice letter, Rich; n.b. the
carriage return key's utility
in creating space between

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Gravity's Re-Deux


I love the Pynchon references,
no matter how obscure or
obvious. Sorry to hear about
the crippling of Suck. Now if
you can only manage to put
Zoyd Wheeler and the
Thanatoids in there

Joe gobar
CEO, Gravity's Rainbow, Inc.
A Company of One.

"I'm not unemployed, I'm a


I'd love to include some
reference to Zoyd Wheeler and
the Thanatoids in a future
piece - although I really
think they went downhill
after Steve Winwood left.

Beers (and the Whole Sick
Crew, of course)

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Stick Your Head in To-Dos

Where were you guys? "And
their little fish, too"
didn't go over my head, but
everything else you wrote
did. Was the corporate
clampdown idea a joke, or
does it refer to something
that really happened? Did you
just oversleep and forget to
suck for awhile?

The "you can't catch me"
writing style sometimes takes
such an oblique trajectory
that it whizzes right over my
head. You told us why you
were offline, but it's still
a mystery to me.

Tom Erlewine

We forget a lot of things,
it's true - something about
"short- term memory loss," but
can't remember why it happens -
but we never "forget to
suck." We sucked long before
there was a Suck, and we'll
keep on sucking long after.

And as for our "can't catch
me" writing style ... well,
nanny, nanny boo-boo.

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What We Have Here ...

I subscribed to Suck just over
a week ago. When will you
deliver? Should I
resubscribe, should I just
.... wait ... by the
terminal, bloodshot eyes
weeping, staring at my
two-dimensional netgate?

What the hell is the point? I
email my vitals to you, and
you stap them!

Somebody give me a martini,
I'm being oppressed.


We stap people's vitals for
breakfast, Luis. Consider
yourself lucky that you don't
have to drink that martini
through a straw.

But that has nothing to do
with why In-Box Direct isn't
working. We'll get right on
it, and until then - waiting
by the terminal with
bloodshot eyes is how we
spend our days. At least you
have something to look
forward to.

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Suck Is Down

Hello. What happened to The
URL is not working.



God, aren't emoticons just a
wee bit passé? I mean,
maybe two years ago this was
fine. And maybe, just maybe,
a year ago you could've
squeaked by. But the damn
things are on TV now, guy!
What are you, some kind of
mainstream-loving sicko? Next
thing you know, you'll be
telling us that you still
actually surf the Web.
Please. Get with it.

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Isn't It Ironic

Subject: Irony versus Being a

Cheap irony is (he said
hopefully) dead. Proving that
you're hipper than thou by
raising an eyebrow or
throwing out a "whatever" is
the last resort of the
culturally challenged. It is
also a totally inadequate
substitute for humor, as any
random viewing of Saturday
Night Live
will easily prove.

Being a smartass, on the other
hand, lives. It requires you
to figure out what you don't
like, why you don't like it,
and to criticize it in a way
that is both brief and funny.

Sucksters, now ... well,
everybody's asking you, which
side are you on?

Alan Kornheiser
The Doctor Is IN

Alan, some subjects don't
warrant a careful examination
and critical analysis.
Furthermore, we think you may
be underestimating the beauty
of the well-placed

The "whatever" is a simple
recognition of the fact that
many, many subjects aren't
worthy of more than a sneer
and a glib aside. Also, it's
a breathtaking one-word
tribute to laziness. We're
lazy, Doctor, is that so

While we recognize that
alienation is hip at the
moment, rest assured that
most of us here are
definitely alienated, and
most definitely not hip.

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Reality Bites Back

As I understand it, working a
way-new-media job is supposed
to be enjoyable, relaxed, and
casual. I use those words
because I am far too relaxed
and casual to invent my own,
like you do.

It seems to me, though, that
writing for Suck is an
industrialistic office
position; the sort of thing
public schools condition
people my age to occupy. Why
does your rag adhere to such
a rigid schedule? Do you
support the hyperefficient
ideal that Covey and all
those people are capitalizing
on? Are you leashed to the

Wait ... perhaps not. Ah, I
see what is transpiring here.
You are secretly subverting
the wage-slavery ways and
attempting to provide
humorous, although
occasionally boring content
to lure the workingmen away
from their menial and
mind-numbing chores; to bring
about a way-new era of

Fauxx the Indiglo
Editor, Mongrel Magazine

Brian, we spent our youth
dreaming of industrialistic
office positions - just
because you don't have the
work ethic required, doesn't
mean you have to wipe your
lazy cooties all over us. We
adhere to a rigid schedule
because we're leashed to our
desks from 9 to 5 - what else
are we gonna do? We know The
Leash Policy is necessary,
and when the crack wagon
rolls around every day at 3
p.m., it's all worthwhile.
But of course, you don't know
a thing about self-discipline
or delaying gratification, do
you, you lazy mongrel?!


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