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Be-In Digital

You had to be there. Drooling
tripping morons aside (and I
was one of them), the Sixties
begat freedom of speech which
begat civil rights which
begat equal rights which
begat gay rights... amen....
And along the way, there were
some busted heads.... And it
took a lot of drooling
tripping morons (and I was
one of them) to end the
draft. Imagine proud drooling
and tripping members of Gen-X
pounding their respective
puds in piles of sand
somewhere in the vicinity of
Kuwait, Bosnia, or some other
tribal dispute that can never
ever be solved by any
Washington thinktank

You really had to be there.
Many of you folks
underestimate the struggle.
Sure, we made our mistakes,
such as the drooling and
tripping, but don't write us
off so easily.

"Grape" <>

Thanks for the history
lesson, Grape, but it looks
like you must have missed out
on class yourself -
sp ecifically, the portions
covering things like the
Constitution and early
American history.

Unless, of course, your
reference to "the Sixties"
alludes not to the
acid-dipped middle decades of
the 20th century, but to the
far more tumultuous and more
(literally) revolutionary
18th century. In which case,
you're right: The
pseudonymous writings of
Thomas Paine begat a
widespread appeal for freedom
of speech, which begat the
Federalist Papers which begat
the Bill of Rights which
begat the Thirteenth
Amendment which begat... oh,
you get the idea.

What's really news to us is
this notion that John Hancock
et al. were jonesing. Ben
Franklin was known to tipple,
but I know of no evidence
that the Founding Fathers
ever dropped a tab.

At least you admit you're a
moron. Were you always that
way, or is it because of the
drugs? Do tell us, 'cuz if
it's the latter, then maybe
we should stop.

Ann O'Tate


Interactor's Nightmare

That Washington Monument link
was priceless. I've never
literally laughed out loud at
something I've read on the
net like that before...

Keep up the good.

Britain P. Woodman

I fear that the monumental
challenge of matching the
Nation's Phallus in
(e)rectitude is rather beyond
our powers, but we're pleased
that the pointed humor we
sheathed in hypertext gave
you such a lift.

The Copy Boy


Class Traitor Dismissed

Only a third of the way
through E.L. Skinner's
article, I decided that class
treachery was the way to go.
Where do I sign up?

No One We Know

E.L. Skinner responds:

The best thing, of course, is
that there really isn't a job
description for either "class
treasurer" or "class
traitor"; it's mostly just
filler for one's personal


So someone actually reads this shit

Doubleplusgood for you
Sucksters to include What
Makes Sammy Run
in "The
Shit." It is totally a book
for the times.

In fact, hmmmmm......


What Makes Sammy Run, the
movie, with a story updated
for the '90s!

Instead of opening in a
newspaper publishing office,
the movie starts in a loft
somewhere South of Market. A
senior writer for an online
"daily column of
vituperation" notices the new
HTML slinger, Sammy, typing
furiously at his workstation.
The writer asks the intern,
"So, do you like your job

"Yeah," answers Sammy, "it's
good for now, but if I'm here
in a year, it'll suck."

"But you get paid very well
here," the 31-year-old writer

"That might be good for you,
old man," sneers the webster,
"but I'm talking to some VC
people about funding a new
company. I've been eating
lunch in South Park and
overhearing people's ideas
for way new revenue models.
If all goes to plan, I'll be
managing an IPO in eight

"Boy, that's some kid," thinks
the writer as he walks back
to his cube.

The story then follows Sammy
as he climbs and grabs his
way up the ladder of success.
The writer, although burned
and embarrassed by an end-run
that the kid pulled at their
old company, signs up to
"produce content" at Sammy's
new venture. The writer falls
in love with a pierced but
down-to-earth webgrrl and
together they watch Sammy
battle to become more and
more of a player.

Until the bottom falls out...

Sammy's company goes public.
In a few weeks, it is trading
at a P/E ratio of 514. In
celebration, Sammy puts on
the Christmas party of all
Christmas parties. Jumbo
shrimp is served by the drum.
As Sammy works the room full
of digerati, he notices that
all of his staff have left
the room. Suspicious, he
searches for them from room
to room. Finally, he flings
open a door to find his staff
standing in a circle

...the CEO of a large
operating-system maker.

The CEO looks Sammy coldly in
the eye and says, "I've hired
all your staff away from you.
If you ever try to get into
the business again, I'll bury
you. I'll give my version of
your product away for free!"

The writer and the webgrrl
don't go to Redmond; they get
married and move to Tahoe to
ski for a year. As they pull
away from the banquet hall in
their sports-utility vehicle,
they look back at Sammy
talking to the CEO,
negotiating a consulting


Next step... casting!

Peter Glover
< >

Sounds great - sort of a Hackers-meets-
stop -at-Jerry Maguire
kind of thing. We see
Leonardo DiCaprio in the
Kevin Spacey role (a stretch,
but that's what he needs
right now), and the "writer"
spots seems like a good
opportunity for Andrew
McCarthy to make a comeback.
Reese Witherspoon's reading
for the part of the webgrrl,
but I hear Drew's

Our people will call your
people... and don't worry,
you'll get "story" credit,
really. Trust us.


Press Release o' the Day



(Manitoba, Canada - January
21, 1997) - R & C Associates
have developed a new product
for men called Manhood.
Manhood protects the
sensitive genital area from
chaffing and abrasions
generally associated with a
repetitive sports activity
such as cycling as well as
offering everyday
supplemental hygiene
protection. Manhood has been
showcased in "Men's Health,"
"GQ," "Fortune Magazine,"
"Men's Confidential" and
"Men's Fitness" as well as
issues of "FAB" and "SQ

The Manhood garment is
specially designed for the
circumcised male to act as a
foreskin substitute which
protects genitalia from harsh
environments. The product was
developed as a solution for
mostly American males who are
routinely circumcised as

According to company founder,
Randy Tymkin, "There is much
documented proof of the
sexual function of the
foreskin, other nations have
proven that anyone can learn
hygiene while retaining their
birthright. Manhood is only
part of the solution." R & C
Associates encourages
families and men to learn
more about the pros and cons
of surgical circumcision.

More details about the Manhood
can be found at the product
website located at

There is also an Internet page
that completely demonstrates
how the Manhood works. Please
note that due to the nature
of the product these
photographs contain mature
subject matter and contain
nudity. This page is located
at http://www.wwwwis

As any feminist will tell
you, not only is "Manhood
only part of the solution,"
it's also part of the

We'd like to note that those
wily Canadians are behind
this scheme.


Suck - the Advice Column!

I don't see what the ruckus is
about over your ad banner at
the bottom of the page. At
least y'all had the decency
to make the frame adjustable.
No big deal.

I have a question for you, and
seeing as how y'all are so
web-savvy and what-not, you
can probably answer it: Where
is the best place to pick up
women online (good looking

Just keeping it real,

Bragu ....the type of guy who
thinks the puddin' is


In your search for the best
place to pick up women
online, it's best to keep
your mindframe like our
adframe: adjustable and open
to suggestion. Copping to the
fact that you're never
actually going to share the
same area code with most of
the women you meet online
means that you don't have to
worry if they're
good-looking... or if they're
women... or if they're



My looord, you at Suck really
do like Bill!!! When can we
expect the M$ brand of
approval across your masthead
or, say, a link to Slate?

Relocating to Redmond might be
good for you, or maybe you


Roger Day

Rest assured that we'd sell
our souls to Billy G. in a

Now that we have that little
matter cleared up... The item
in question was meant not so
much to praise Bill but to
disparage Steve. Gentle Suck
readers will recall Steve
Jobs' remarks that Bill
should have dropped acid when
he was younger, for this
would've broadened his narrow
little mind. Kind of a funny
comment, coming from just
about anyone but Mr. "Too
Cool for School" Jobs

Kids, drugs don't broaden
minds. They fry them, like
eggs. Over-easy. No, more
like scrambled, hard. Oh boy,
but does it feel good when
that heat comes on!




Did anyone else notice that
when you started taking
advertising from
"", from Berkeley
Systems, was the same week
you made the CEO of Berkeley
Systems your net.mogul?

Lame on, dudes.

Brian Bulkowski

We'd have no problem cutting
those Berkeley Systems people
a shady deal. Unfortunately,
in this case, we didn't
leverage our editorial
effectively. Bad editorial!

Oh, but perhaps you're
interested in having a
net.moguls card made of you,
Brian! You have your own
personalized domain name,
that may be enough
qualification... Carl? Is
that enough? Yes, Carl says,
that's enough. That and a
check for $20,000, payable to, 660 Third St, 4th
Floor, San Francisco, CA


Suck's Little Instruction

Dear Sucksters,

please help me! all i have in
my apartment is a bag of
funny smelling rice, some
thai prawn soup mix, a box of
rock salt, 750ml of Jose
Cuervo's "Cuervo Especial"
tequila, half a jar of
Tostitos mild salsa, a small
jar of course ground black
pepper, 500ml of soy sauce
and 22 head-cold tablets.

what can i make to eat with
these ingredients?

Anson Parker

p.s please hurry - i'm really

p.p.s the lettering on my bag
of rice is still wet and
refuses to dry! is this a bad

Pour the 750 ml of Cuervo Gold
into a bowl. Add 3 of the
head-cold tablets and the
salt. Then add the funny
smelling rice and the prawn
soup mix. The alcohol and the
salt should kill any
dangerous germs in the
fermenting rice. Heat to a
boil, and voila! Now all you
need is some fine Colombian
and a 19-year-old.