Care and cleaning



Your Suck T-shirt is woven from high-tensile-strength, 100% natural-like cotton fibers and can withstand repeated washings and harsh detergents. However, the color imprints are delicate and susceptible to color fade (which will lessen its collectible value), so when beating your Suck T-shirt on a rock be sure to use a whiffle bat (see illustration).



After you have laundered your Suck T-shirt, it is important that you fold and store it appropriately. As seen in the accompanying diagram, fold your Suck T-shirt along the dotted lines, following steps A through K in alphabetical order. (NOTE: There are no dotted lines on the actual shirt.) When all steps are done properly, your Suck T-shirt should fold into a manageable and self-protecting isosceles triangle. This compact shape enables the Suck T-shirt to fit in any standard-size dresser drawer or safe deposit box.

Remember it is your Suck T-shirt, safeguard it accordingly.