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Linux Possibly Defamed Somewhere
Posted by CaptBean on Monday December 13, @03:05PM
from the jihad!-jihad! dept.
RabidZelot was one of a bunch to report: "In Richmond, California, this afternoon, this dude said something bad about Linux at the Hilltop Mall near the fountains right after the first showing of Phantom Menace let out. He was last seen heading towards Sears and has a 'Where Do You Want to Go Today?' T-shirt and brown hair. Let us know when you spot him."

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Feature: Bride of the Hellmouth
Posted by JonKatz on Monday December 13, @02:12PM
from the stop-me-before-i-post-again dept.
The worst thing to come out of Columbine was not the high fatality count. It wasn't the blizzard of multimillion dollar lawsuits. It wasn't the media's endless commentary. It was the moral justification for persecuting freaks, loners, and nerds. People like you. And people like me — Jon Katz.

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Impossibly Obscure Scientific Discovery Announced
Posted by ChaufferBoy on Monday December 13, @12:27PM
from the incomprehensible-breakthrough dept.
Cat Fancy writes "Scientists recently exposed the brain of a cat and wired sensors into its visual cortex. This allowed them to play DVD movies for the animal from a Linux box!" This is great news! I'm going to stop on the way home for a new Leatherman and some cat food and give it a try!

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Red Hat Reports Income
Posted by CaptBean on Monday December 13, @11:41AM
from the "free"-free-not-free-"free" dept.
Bob Young writes to tell us that Red Hat has reported its first quarterly income. "I was walking from my office to the confrence room when I found a 25-cent piece lying on the ground. Instead of putting it in my pocket, I added it to the company's balance sheet and, well, I think that kind of revenue stream more than justifies our stock price." And cynics said that "free" software couldn't make money!

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Suck Parodies Slashdot
Posted by Mentos on Monday December 13, @09:36AM
from the meta-meta-meta dept.
Webster was the first of many to write that Suck is running a parody of Slashdot. "They've got a lot of nerve, making fun of Slashdot's layout when all their text runs in a tiny little column down the center of the page. I don't know how they're going to last on the Web with a design like that." Remember when getting mentioned in Suck was cool? If they change their address to suck.lycos.sellout.com, I will never look at their site again. Not that I ever look at it now anyway.

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Perhaps you're looking for Jon Katz's endless series of articles about the no-longer recent events in Colorado? These articles include: Hellmouth: People Are Really, Really Mean; More Hellmouth: Every Last One of You Has Read Ender's Game, Haven't You?; and Poor, Sad Little Me.

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