Subject: Crack rabbits


Bring back the crack-smokin' Canadian rabbits already. It's been a drought.



Which of the following would you like to see more of?

sentences that end in prepositions
the giant evil Canadian rabbit on crack
Canadians in general
the Fish and the Hack, still up to their crazy tricks
stuff about how insanely dysfunctional and fucked you are
x-y charts
lists of Men to Avoid and Women to Avoid
punch lines involving lint
cartoons in which Joey and Polly threaten to beat each other to a pulp
the wee little animals of the forest, doing stuff that humans do
Wink Martindale
parodies of love relationships gone bad (never ever based on real life events, ever)
Polly drawing wisdom from inane childhood stories
anything about T. Jay Fowler
stuff about how you're lazy and you don't really want to do anything but eat crème-filled crullers from now on
Mr. Flinchy, wimp among men
behind-the-scenes investigative reporting on overpriced appetizers
features on Steve, The Guy Who You Should Be Dating
more talking frogs
more depressing, faux-poetic observations on our pathetic little lives
cartoons that make fun of shit we read in the paper a few weeks ago
Veronica, bitchy sometime friend of Polly, and her neurotic misadventures
lists like this one

Send your responses to polly@suck.com. Our production guy, Phillip, would've automated this list, but he's lazy, and he really doesn't want to do anything but eat crème-filled crullers from now on.

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