Now that Skull Suckers, Mega Warheads, and chocolate baby shit replicas have replaced old-school candy standbys like Tootsie Pops and SweeTARTS as the younger set's sucrose delivery systems of choice, aging treat dispensers may have trouble distinguishing gross-in-a-good-way confections from their just-plain-gross counterparts. To help prevent lawsuits, fatalities, and retributionary house-eggings, we offer this list of the 10 least popular Halloween treats. Avoid these, and you should do all right.

1. Gummi 'Rhoids
2. Squid Newtons
3. Nestle's Old-Fashioned Bio-Sludge
4. Bit o' Shrapnel
5. Cadbury King-size Placenta-mellos
6. Mars Phlegm & M's
7. Ben & Jerry's Hemo-Pops
8. Schloetze's "Original" Hunka-Chunka Grub Klusters
9. Schick ST Disposable BrittleStix
10. Sani-Tek Raspberry-Abdomen Lipo-Taffy

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