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Filler 10.6.99


Subject: The '80s/'90s Thing

Frau Esther,

The '80s were certainly not a less greedy, ironic, or more idealistic time than the '90s. Maybe if you were a teenager in a tranquil suburb somewhere, yawning, dreaming of becoming Miss Teen USA or imagining what Chinese food tastes like, the '90s are a cruel comparison of your fondly remembered Pleasantville. For others — I would hope for the majority of others — the '80s were as unidealistic, greedy, and filled with the chronically deluded humanity (represented best by baby boomers), who are sure only of their vanity, racist beliefs, and consequenceless ambition, as the '90s are.

Please, if you could, stick to making fun of Canadians.

As always,

The Samerri

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