"Gore (What is he good for?)"
— to the tune of "War (What is it good for?)"

(Prepared for the Bill Bradley for President campaign)

What is he good for?
Absolutely nothing
For lying — the Palm D'Or!
Absolutely sickening

Gore is someone whom I despise
And not just because Bill told those lies
Gore's a master of the guise
And I'd like to win the Nobel Prize

He's really a big bore
Absolutely rinsed in ...
Listen to my lore
Knicks and Rhodes and Princeton

He's nothing but a big faker
Friend only to the poll taker
Gore is the blocker of my next shot
The enemy in my story's plot
Handed down from the last Administration
Scandal and fellatio
Who wants that again?

Gore (Good god, y'all!)
As fun as a front door
Not deep and tall like tree.
Say it again!
A voice like Daniel Schorr
Oh wait, that might be me.

Gore has stood by as the president
Made us disillusioned distrusting and mean
I am too precious to be the underdog
I go to see, he goes to be seen.

His boss was nothing but a heartbreaker
Doesn't know how to box out a Laker
Peace, love, and understanding
There must be some place for these things in my speech
They say I should start explaining how
But Lord I'd rather walk a beach
I'm better than

No convictions in his core
Absolutely nothing
Say it again
Persistent like cold sores
Absolutely festering!

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