"Happy Quayles"
— to the tune of Dale Evans-Rogers' "Happy Trails"

Happy Quayles to you
(I might just kill myself)
Happy Quayles to you,
(Thank God I have the wealth)
Who cares about the laughter and the snick'ring?
I can always work at Wilmer, Cutler, Pick'ring
Happy Quayles to you
(Things are worse off than before)

Some Quayles are happy ones,
Others are blue.
Depends on if you look for votes
Better luck planning a coup

Happy Quayles to you
(My polls are next to shit)
Happy Quayles to you,
(When on earth will I just quit?)
Who cares about the fact that Keyes is passing?
My future's like the one of Harold Stassen

Happy Quayles to you
Won't someone vote for me?!

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