"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 17 September 1999. Updated every WEEKDAY.

T-minus three weeks and counting to automotive HISTORY, boys and girls! That's right — October '99 will see the all-new Ford Excursion make its climactic arrival at your friendly neighborhood SUV dealer. And thank goodness for that! Because at 226 inches long and a behemoth-like 7,000 pounds, Excursion is — bar none — the grandest and damnedest 4x4 ever to roll out of Motown!

Make no mistake, though — Ford designed Excursion to be much more than a vehicle. It's a bona fide millennial event — a veritable mobile mixing bowl of fun and excitement — a destination unto itself, where dreams come true, and countless lifetimes of memories take root in the fertile soil of supple, deep-pile nylon floor mats.


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