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1. When I talk, people generally ...

a. glaze over.

b. avert their eyes.

c. look embarrassed for me.

d. wander off.

2. When I talk and people DO listen, it's usually because ...

a. they're being polite.

b. I'm blocking the exit.

c. I'm holding the bong.

d. I'm holding the loaded gun.

3. People often say things to me like:

a. I don't get it.

b. What the hell are you talking about?

c. Shut up and pass the bong already.

d. Who asked you to speak, maggot?

e. We know that gun isn't loaded, you sad little man.

4. When I speak in front of a lot of people, they tend to ...

a. look extremely bored and annoyed.

b. talk among themselves as if I weren't there at all.

c. draw unflattering caricatures of me and pass them around, snickering.

d. boo loudly and throw rotten tomatoes.

e. call the police.

5. Sometimes I suspect that in a former life, I was a ...

a. princess.

b. accountant.

c. rat.

d. earthworm.

e. bacterial infection.

Answer Key:
1. d
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. e


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