"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 6 September 1999. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Who knows the true meaning of Labor Day? This three-day weekend, you're more likely to see Jerry Lewis sweating profusely than to see Joe Hill alive as you and me. But all is not lost for the working stiff. In fact, major work stoppages, one measure of a vigorously disgruntled work force (as opposed to the modern version — the homicidally disgruntled work force), have been up throughout most of the late 1990s. These modest signs of health in the American labor movement were duly celebrated in last year's Labor Day feature. We would have been inclined to update the feature for 1999, instead of running this rerun. But that would have involved doing some actual work, and the Bosses with their guns and dogs and hired goons will never get us to do that.


BarTel D'Arcy

Terry Colon