"For all its problems, the Mission, as it is called here, has long been regarded as a vibrant, colorful neighborhood that helped San Francisco preserve its credentials as a multicultural, socioeconomically diverse community."


Kevin Keating, Mission resident for 11 years: "I was sitting in a cafe right in the heart of the Mission, and I saw these cell-phone types around me wearing those kind of stockbroker shirts like Michael Douglas in Wall Street — you know, with the white collar and the blue and white stripes?"


Kevin Keating: "I'm thinking, 'This is the Mission. It is supposed to be a tough, working-class neighborhood.' I was appalled."


"The antiyuppie fliers named four local bars and restaurants that should be bombed and urged residents to spray paint graffiti on lofts and scratch the paint of cars they suspected belonged to yuppies."


Kevin Keating: "[Yuppies] come in and displace working-class and poor people by offering landlords more money."

[Source: "New Money Driving Out Working-Class San Franciscans," Mary Curtius, LA Times, 6/21/99]

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