Various Artists — Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music Vol. 2

Sure, he opened the car door, paid for dinner without flinching, and told you how much he admires people who volunteer their time to charity, but don't get swept off your feet just yet. The presence of this conspicuously placed CD (left out in plain sight instead of mixed in with the Korn, Wu Tang Clan, and Eminem discs that comprise the bulk of his collection), is a red flag for an inveterate womanizer.

By pretending to like this nonthreatening, middle-of-the-road "chick music," he is obviously trying to give the impression that he's a caring, sensitive man who is not afraid to cry, when in fact, he is a deceitful, insensitive rake who is not above sleeping with your sister. Although he's clearly adept at hickeys, bra removal, and creative contraception techniques, the very idea of giving you a simple courtesy call in the morning is alien to his nature. Aside from this CD, the lingering scent of perfume on the pillows, the stray panties on the ceiling fan, and the fact that he keeps calling you Bev should clue you in that this man is more than a little free with his meat. Unless you're content to be another notch on his bedpost, we recommend that you suddenly "remember" a prior engagement with your "boyfriend" and call a cab.

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