"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 23 June 1999. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Filler 6.23.99


Dear Polly,

Thank you for all this years!!!
Thank you for the good times.
Thank you for the bad times.
Thank you for the cry.
Thank you for the smile.

You make our crappy lives more easy to live.

Seriously, you are the girl !!!!

I hope I can enjoy every wendesday you cartoons.

Polly for president !!!

Regards from Mexico,

Alberto Borbolla

Translation: Dear Alberto, What a thrill, what an undeniable joy to discover your response, sent as if by a beautiful red parrot from the warm winds of Mexico. Tonight, as the light fades from gold to pink and the faces of my friends become flushed with drink, when the conversation runs as dry as a lonely arroyo — as it so often does, since everything's been said before and there are no new horizons to gaze out upon with hope and anticipation — at this moment I will think of you, Alberto, and treasure the thought of you.


Translation: In these fickle times, it is a true gift to know, as I now do, that somewhere in Mexico, there's someone who truly cares about my life, as inconsequential as that may seem, when the ice in my drink melts and the night grows tedious and my thoughts chase one another in circles like angry dogs. At this time, I will remember that I am the girl. My deepest appreciation for your heartfelt note.




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