So, Polly, did you have your high school reunion yet? That's what this Filler trend is leading up to, right?

There was one guy in my high school I could never fit into a category: This guy was a nerd at heart, he liked D & D, he talked about computers a lot, he was a closet guitarist. But he lived in the coolest rich neighborhood with the popular kids and was pretty violent (very important in junior high), and all the girls thought he looked great.

I remember running into him in a bar when I was in college, and we talked briefly about computers, which he was getting his degree in, and then he started reminiscing about these insane high school parties filled with sex, drugs, and property destruction - stories I could take no part in remembering, obviously. Not 10 minutes into the conversation, a woman at the bar was flirting with him. I begin to think the only reason this guy was popular in high school was because he lived on the block with popular rich kids and was blessed with good genes. Because surely, few could get away with those hobbies and sci-fi outlook on life and stay so socially unscathed.

Don Smith

We don't like the popular rich kids, Don. Those who do have severe problems.

However, this guy you know from high school somehow managed to develop other talents, despite the fact that booty and property destruction were beckoning.

This is an individual with an inner life, someone who enjoys being alone more than he likes hanging with the cool morons. This is a person who can entertain himself for hours on end.

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