Dear Interview: Whenever I read a piece on Ashley Judd, I always find myself admiring her intelligence, humor, and all-around girlishness, but I also wonder whether she isn't a little too hardworking. Her drive to do, to be, to succeed always strikes me as a little scary .... She may be the sort of person who's so organized she makes lists in her sleep, but it's nice to know her efficiency hasn't protected her against romantic heartache or her willingness to keep putting herself out there to find her a soul mate .... "
[Interview, 11/98]

"Thanks to Joyce Maynard for her sweet and sad memoir of her brief time with the private J.D. Salinger ... It's not surprising that Salinger wrote to the young Joyce Maynard. We should be grateful that he did and that she responded."
[Vanity Fair, 11/98]

"It was a real pleasure seeing Jennifer Lopez grace EW's cover. Regardless of her problems with the media, this lovely Latina is headed straight for superstardom."
[Entertainment Weekly, 10/30/98]

"Loved the Hamptons story in your August 3 issue. But how about giving some credit to Westhampton? It's a great beach town with a brand-new theater .... "
[New York, 8/24/98]

"After watching Armageddon, I was hoping for a feature on Liv Tyler. My question is what was the beautiful red nail polish she wore throughout the movie?"
[InStyle, 11/98]

"Dear Interview: I just finished reading the Ashley Judd interview, and I must confess it moved me to tears. Ashley Judd is a banquet of genuine beauty whose joy, energy, and soulfulness are a beacon for all of us. Many thanks to Ashley for reminding us that life, love, and discovery are the only riches we require."
[Interview, 11/98]

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