As the fickle winds of public interest blow with increasing speed, those in the spotlight rise and fall from grace faster than you can say Dodi Al Fayed. But what is to become of the scores of has-beens whose moments in the public eye have long since passed?

For the answer, look no further than the Three Tenors. Did you really care what Placido Domingo was up to before he took it on the road? We didn't think so.


Monica never once opened her mouth, so to speak. And she still won't have to, with a whirlwind nationwide ballet tour featuring daring duets and lurid lullabies inspired by her infamous internship.


Remember Tonya Harding, the ice-skating wonder who cried so piteously and won nothing but the world's contempt in some Winter Olympics not long ago? While the public silently supported her lead-pipe assault on the chafingly smug Nancy Kerrigan, she soon learned that one Tonya was not nearly enough to draw adequate publicity. Never saying never, Tonya cloned herself and hit the road - modern science meets modern athleticism in an Ice Capades-inspired extravaganza!


What do a nerdy threesome who sang other people's songs with gruesome sincerity have to do with the woman whose gruesome sincerity about Clinton's curving member got her little more than capped teeth and an updated wardrobe? Nothing - that is, until marketing mastermind Susan Carpenter McMillan entered the picture. Join up with them on their 10-city tour, and hear such hits as "Blowin' in the Hilton," "If I Had a Hummer (The Hummer Song)," and "Puff the Magic Clinton," and "Don't Think Twice, It Curves Right."

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