"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
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QUIZ: Check your career prowess!

1. When you hear the words "career-path planning," what do you do?

a. Quickly make a list to remind myself of my top five career objectives in order of priority.
b. Call my manager to discuss his progress in planning my career path.
c. Squint my eyes very tight and grimace.
d. Whine for at least 30 minutes about how nothing's worth doing.
e. Get a gun and shoot myself in the head.

2. When planning your career, what are the most important considerations you keep in mind?

a. Rapidly growing my growth opportunities while marketing my marketable talents to rapidly growing growth markets.
b. My manager handles that.
c. Whether or not the office is air-conditioned. How far I have to drive to get there. Snack availability.
d. How long I could live off the rice and spaghetti in my cupboard right now.
e.The proximity of the nearest gun with which to blow off my head.

3. Complete the following sentence: "In five years, I'd like to be ..."

a. "... the CEO of my own company."
b. "... sipping nectar on ice in Madrid."
c. "... warm and dry and well-fed."
d. "... on a plane, loaded with narcotics, headed for Bora-Bora."
e. "... completely cured of the pathology known as career-mindedness."

Correct Answers: 1. c, 2. d., 3. b.

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